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Cornwall Holiday! Diaries Of A Sheffield Fat Loss Coach


I had the best part of 2 Easter Eggs on Sunday and I felt like a cross between . . .

A lady giving birth to triplets


A stuffed jacket potato!

And your a Sheffield Fat Loss Coach?

Yezzz Sir!

I think I should get the award for Thorntons No 1 customer of the year after buying 35 customised eggs last week (27 for LEP Fitness Members and 8 for the Family).


I also paid a visit to the bottom of the UK . . .


I went with the family (mum, dad, and my brother from anudda mudda/partner in crime . . . well she is actually my partner Sally)


For those of you that have not visited Cornwall I would highly recommend it.

I made my first long trip (8 bloooooming hrs!) to Falmouth with the family last year. My sister lives down there you see, and she is currently working hard to obtain a degree in Fashion. I am sure she will be the next Gok Wan!

For whatever reason I had a preconceived idea that it would be like Blackpool! (a bit run down and cheesy! I really hope nobody reading this is from Blackpool!)

How wrong was I?

Cornwall has majestic like qualities, filled with green landscapes, white beaches, fresh, salty sea air and some spectacular locations to visit.  Even the names sound like something from a Harry Potter movie . . .

  • Lizard Point
  • St Ives
  • Lost Gardens Of Heligan
  • St Michael’s Mount

The best part for me was spending a heap of quality time with my family. It is a rare occasion, we have ended up spread around the UK like a dab of butter spread across a slice of toast!

On Saturday the weather was a bit murky, like when somebody sticks an umbrella over your head and a dark shadow hovers over the floor,  It was dry though! and the sun made an appearance in the afternoon.


We took a trip to ST Michael’s Mount, but it was closed! Mum was gutted!

In the evening we went to the Gilly Beach Cafe, probably one of my favourite evenings ever! The Cafe (I don’t know why it is called a cafe because it is more like a 5* restaurant) is smackkkk on the beach . . .

My words I am sure will not do it justice but it was like something out of a Hollywood movie: the sun was low, a glistening line of light reflecting on the calm sea. There was a nice blend of background music and the place was filled with families from all walks of life, all ages, losing themselves in the moment with their own families, whilst enjoying a beautiful evening. It was great to sit down together, tell jokes, catch up and be there as a team unit once again. I have a wonderful, tight knit family, we are a team (stronger than Man U and Real Madrid combined! lol) and we love each other very much.

On the Sunday we visited St Ives (I think I have fallen in love with the place), my words would fall short so here is a pic . . .



With any holiday you have the main events (if you can call them main events) but I love the bits in between, the car journeys where stories are told, the evenings when everybody is getting ready, and moments when you are chilling: we started playing GTA 5 (we even completed 22% of the game lol!).

As always, especially after spending a holiday with my family I realise how lucky I am and how much I miss them. . . .

Family are by far the most important people in life no question. They remain with you through thick and thin, through the good and the bad, without judgment but limitless love. No matter what happens in my life I have these guys right behind me and that’s all I need.

Short holiday. Life long memory.


5 Healthly Tips for Eating Whilst Travelling :

It can prove to be difficult to stay on track whilst on holiday but here are a few tips that help me:

  1. If you are like most you only go away a couple of times a year : so enjoy yourself and relax. If you are always putting in the hard work throughout the other 48 weeks of the year . . . you are doing pretty good!
  2. You can enjoy a few foods that you would probably not eat on a day to day basis but don’t go mental like a wild Hyena on a fast! Remember food is there to be enjoyed and you can eat whatever you like in sensible dosages (the devil is in the dose and frequency)
  3. Eat well throughout the day for example this holiday I had nuts everyday for breakfast, for lunch :a nice fresh salad with a lump of protein (steak, fish, chicken) and then I would enjoy a meal of my choice in the evening (a burger, another steak, or something similar).
  4. Don’t see your holiday as a green light for a binging frenzy! I promise you, you will feel sh*t after day 2 and you will feel guilty for the rest of the holiday. How do I know? because I have been there myself!
  5. Make the best choices out of the options available to you. For example we all know what service stations are like: fast food outlets, full of greasy burgers, pumped up KFC chicken breasts, and Sub of daaaaa dayssss! made with er . . . er . . . like . . . 3% real beef lol! There are always better options to be made. For example when travelling down I purchased some packeted chicken from Waitrose, a feta greek salad, some olives, almond nuts and 4 litres of water.

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