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CrossFit Workouts to Try in Your Next Gym Session

CrossFit Workouts to Try in Your Next Gym Session

CrossFit is a craze that has swept the world over the last decade. It’s the fitness style that finally convinced people to pick up a barbell. It showed men that technique can get you further than brute strength, and it showed women that a barbell won’t make them look like Ronnie Coleman. But the fact of the matter is that CrossFit is expensive. You’re basically paying untold sums of money to get yelled at by someone with questionable credentials and a lot of power over a class of masochists. Sometimes you want to do a CrossFit workout on your own. Maybe you work better in a commercial gym. 

Whatever your reasons are, here are 3 CrossFit workouts that you can do in any gym that get your heart pumping and your muscles working.


CrossFit WODS (workout of the day) are usually named after people. Primarily women. Most of them are simple, albeit brutal. Take Diane for example. All you’re doing in Diane are deadlift and handstand pushups. When looking at Crossfit workouts like this, they’re essentially a form of full-body push-pull workouts with that added flair that CrossFit often throws on. All you need is a barbell, plates totaling 225 pounds, and a wall. Your rep scheme will be 21-15-9. This means you complete 21 reps, then 15, then 9, with rest in between as needed. Track your time and try to beat your last time. 


If you’re in a commercial gym, or a gym that doesn’t give you the ability to drop the barbell from whatever height, Fran is going to be your best bet. Fran has the same rep scheme as Diane but with different movements. It’s still an upper/lower superset that works your entire body. Fran requires a barbell, your prescribed weights (95 total pounds for men, 75 for women), and a pull-up bar. It consists of thrusters (a racked front squat with an overhead press) and kipping pull-ups (a momentum-based pull-up full-body pull-up). Perform 21 thrusters and 21 kips, followed by 15 thrusters and 15 kids, and finally, 9 thrusters and 9 kips. Track your time. Rest as needed. And try to beat your last time. 


Chelsea is a workout you can do absolutely anywhere. Like Fran, it’s simple, except all you need for Chelsea is a pull-up bar. Chelsea introduces a concept called EMOM. It’s short for “every minute on the minute.” The advantage that EMOM gives is that it trains your ability to recover in a short amount of time. Do you know how bodybuilding workouts have you rest between 30 seconds to a minute on most workouts? On EMOM, the amount of rest you get is entirely dependent on the speed in which you complete the prescribed movements. Chelsea goes like this: 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats. That’s it. Do that every minute on the minute for half an hour and feel how much your body aches. 

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These are simple and extremely effective means to get stronger, get ripped, and stay healthy. Be sure to recover between training days and take full advantage of whatever good and nutrient-dense food you have. You’re going to need it with workouts like these.