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The Daily Routine that’s Transforming My Life Right Now…

The Daily Routine that’s Transforming My Life Right Now… LEP Fitness - sheffield personal trainer

I pride myself on honesty (if anything i’m a little to honest at times and need to shut my trap!). Ever since coming back from Sorento (Italy) in August i’ve undergone some pretty big mind set shifts. 

It’s been super exciting, but on the flip side it’s also been tough and mentally draining. At times i’ve felt inspired, ideas popping out of my brain faster than I’m able to write them down on paper. At the other end of the spectrum, i’ve lacked inspiration, had little motivation and day(s) have seemed fruitless.

These mixture of emotions are all part of the journey, we’re all on our own missions and I really take my hat off to anyone who’s consciously trying to create a better life. Whether you’re on a mission to improve your body shape, start/grow a business, or raise a family – I admire you, and encourage you to keep pushing forwards.

Recently i’ve adopted a new daily routine and it’s totally transformed my life. I’d love to share it with you and hopefully you can pinch some of the ideas and boost your own life too!

The daily routine that’s transforming my life right now…

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5.30am-6am = 30 mins visualisation 

First thing in the morning I set the tone for the day, initially I focus on 4 things that i’m grateful for:

  2. BEING ABLE TO DO AMZING THINGS WITH MY MIND & BODY (walk, talk, read, write, debate, learn, move my muscles, etc)
  3. HAVING AN AMZING FAMILY (mum, dad, sister, gran, auntie, uncle, cousins, etc)

I focus on the above for around 10 minutes, appreciating all the amazing things I have in my life.

Then for the next 10 minutes i’ll move onto visualising what I want in the future i.e. family stuff, business, house, cars, holidays, etc

The final 10 minutes i’ll focus on gym performance, visualising myself lifting big weights on the bench press, squat, deadlift, pull ups, etc

By the end of the 30 minutes i’m super hyped up for the day!

6am = Shower and Positive Affirmations 

I hop in a warm shower and basically talk to myself (i know i’m crazy! tell me something i don’t know?). I’ll say positive statements in my head and pump myself up mentally!

6.30am-7am = Walk to the gym and listen to audiobook 

I’ll stroll down to the gym whilst listening to an audiobook, at the moment i’m listening to ‘Winners’ by Alastair Campbell (it’s great go check it out!)

7am-8am = Gym Session 

At this time of the day I lift iron and act like some alpha caveman! lol

8am-9am = Eat breakfast and get ready for coaching sessions 

I’ll have a post workout shake: 50g whey, 50g peanut butter, 10g honey, 400ml almond milk then i’ll get ready for my first round of sessions (after a shower of course!)

9am-1pm = 3-4 coaching sessions 

Here’s the time I spend with LEP ers!

1-2pm = Lunch and chill 

Typically my lunch is meat, or fish with rice and vegetables (sometimes i’ll have a bagel with bacon, cheese and eggs! hey i’m only human!)

2-4pm = Self development and visitation P2

Here i’ll read a book for 1 hr, at the moment i’m reading  Jack Canfield. Then i’ll do another 20-30 mins visualisation. Finally i’ll have an afternoon nap to recharge the batteries (lazying el!)

4-5pm = down time

I’ll usually play Fifa 17 and completely chill (I love X box! don’t judge) i’ll also have another protein shake (same as in the morning!)

5-9pm = 3-4 coaching sessions

Round 2 with LEP ers!

9-10pm = Dinner & Trash TV!

Here’s where i’ll watch Ex on the Beach, Made In Chelsea, Towie, and all that other crap (I call it crap but I secretly love it, by calling it crap I regain 10% of my street cred lol!)

10pm = Bed!

Adious day! it’s been a pleasure

There we have it! Thanks so much for reading, are there any daily rituals you that you have that help your day? if so i’d love to hear them, please leave a comment below.

Thanks again for reading, until next time…

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