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Dealing with pure hatred & animosity : True story…

sheffield personal trainer nickeh screetoni - Dealing with pure hatred & animosity

It wasn’t long back that my intelligence would be the brunt of many jokes, I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box (I’m still not!). See I was a nightmare at school.  I was in the bottom set in all subjects, I joked around, and my role was to make people laugh – I was the ‘Class Clown’!

If I had to make paper aeroplanes in Maths, shout out rude French words, or disrupt art class by throwing clay balls at the teacher (Mrs Drake for all you folks at Woodhey!) and it got me some laughs… well then I’d do it!

As time progressed (and cutting a long story short) i’ve slowly stepped out of the joker role (although not completely – some may completely disagree haha!) and focused more on other aspects of my personality: self development, business, and health & fitness.

When sh*t hits the fan and life throws a curb ball at you they say you know who your friends are! Grieving the death of a loved one, unemployment, relationship kerfuffles, all the uncomfortable emotional cr*p basically!

On the flip side what about when you succeed? What about when the newer, improved version comes out. Well that’s a different story…

The kid that couldn’t read at school now reads a book a week, the kid at school who got bullied… became a blackbelt, the kid at school the teachers wrote off as being a waste of oxygen set up his own business.

See we all have the power to change. All it takes is that tipping point, when enough’s enough, and your ready to take the first step and never look back.

You’ll also notice your real friends when you start to succeed. They’ll be genuinely happy for you and share your joy, they’ll understand that your on a mission, even if it’s different to theirs. They’ll be there for you through the good and the bad. Even if your not as accessible as you used to be they’ll not take things too personally, at times they’ll know your busy but they wont hold this against you.

There will also be those who hate the new you. They’ll try and take away your positive energy, they’ll say you’ve changed! Who are you kidding? Who do you think you are?

It wasn’t long back that I had an old friend try and sabotage the new life I had built, initially it stung and made me question all that I had built up. My thoughts and feelings soon changed when I realised the problem was not with me but with himself.

See one thing i’ve realised the past couple of years is that people project their own inner realities into the outer world. If someone is happy and content, they’ll share that love in everyday life: interactions, the way they walk, talk, think, and the energy that they bring into a room.

On the flip side they’ll be the people who hate on you, hate the world, feel the world owes them a favour and instead of building their own building (working on themselves) they’ll try and tear down yours.

There will always be people out there so desperately trying to tear your building down, but equally there are some pretty ‘frickin’ amazing people out there. Learn to attract these people, look after them, cultivate and constantly invest in your relationship, whether that’s a partner, friend, or family member.

With the other donuts (I’m lost for words!) just eradicate them from your life, don’t try to change them, don’t argue with them, don’t dance to their tune, don’t play their game, accept that the issues they protect lay deeply within themselves. Hopefully one day they’ll have their ‘wake up’ moment and build their own Skyscrapper…

Wow! Shit just got real deep!

Just some thoughts and reflections i had today on my walk…

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