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Are You Fooling Yourself With Diet Supplements?

Are You Fooling Yourself With Diet Supplements...

Before I start this rant! I am the first to admit that I have been fooled by fancy marketing campaigns and have probably spent a small fortune on supplements during my life time!

When we take a different direction we often look for quick, short term fixes i.e. what can get me to where I want to be, as quickly as possible?

The supplement industry (and many others) play on this notion, aiming to entice you & spend money. We see the fitness cover-model promoting the supplement and naively think that this supplement will make the difference…

The real factors that are going to help transform your physique are not rocket science:
Hard-work, persistence, determination and more hard-work..

Take a trip back in time…. it is evident that people as far back at the early 1900s developed phenomenal physiques. Did they have fitness magazines selling supplements? or Cheryl Cole endorsing hair products lol? Most definitely not!

The key staple stones for physical transformation have been similar from day 1 (with the exclusion of technology and scientific research advancements)… HARDWORK…

Below Steve Reeves, pictured in 1952…

Moral of the Story… Stop Chasing Quick Fixes!