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Do Himalayan Glow Salt Lamps Really Work at Health & Fitness Gyms and Spas?

Do Himalayan Glow Salt Lamps Really Work at Health & Fitness Gyms and Spas

Have you ever sat around a campfire and enjoyed the warm, soothing sensation? It’s extremely relaxing! Well guess what? there’s something that provides a similar ambiance when you’re in a gym or spa.  

Yes, the Himalayan salt lamp!

Ancient crystal salts, present in the form of solid blocks, are hand chiseled in various parts of Pakistan. If you have seen one before, then you know it has a pinkish-orange color, which is the result of trace minerals present inside the salt. 

The pinkish rock salt lamps are hollowed out in the middle, so you can place a light bulb within. The light source produces heat and light.

How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

You’re probably already aware that there is water vapor present in the air around you. It’s circulating in every single room of your home. These water droplets in the air also contain allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, smoke particles, and even viruses and bacteria. 

By nature, salt attracts water vapor from the air surrounding it. Similarly, your Himalayan salt lamp is attracted to the moisture in the air-inclusive of water vapor and attached pollutants. It allows the salts to absorb the microscopic allergens from the air and purify it for you. In scientific terms, you can call this process hygroscopy. 

However, salt lamps slowly become saturated because of the moisture they are attracting from the air. The heat inside the lamp dries the water vapor and allergens. Therefore, your rock salt lamps will only be effective as long as it is switched on – (Click here to buy) – if you want to try a lamp for yourself.

The heat source also releases the water vapor back into the air. But, the pollutants remain attracted to it. Thanks to this, you are safe from breathing in any airborne allergens. 

How do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

You are advised to turn off your lamp for at least an hour every few weeks. Once it cools down, you can gently clean it with a damp cloth and wipe away any moisture or pollutants previously trapped. Your Himalayan salt lamp will then continue to work effectively.

Color Therapy of Salt Lamps

This is a highly effective way of improving your mood. Colour therapy using crystal salt lamps can result in higher energy levels, a clearer mental state, and a positive mood…

It is no secret that humans are quite receptive to beautiful colours. Thus, the orange and pinkish glow of the lamp can help you to relax and reduce tension/stress. That’s why this type of color therapy is a popular in many spas nowadays. 

Health and Fitness Improvements in Gyms and Spas

Besides the fact that crystal salt lamps are a beautiful addition to your gym or spa, they have several benefits that increase their usefulness. 

Salt lamps improve air quality 

It’s claimed that salt lamps can readily improve the air quality of your gym space/personal training studio. Be it a gym or a spa, you will have comparatively cleaner air. Also, if people come into your gym or spa and have asthma or diseases that affect the respiratory system, such as cystic fibrosis, salt lamps are specifically beneficial for them. 

Helps boost mood

You may have heard about Himalayan salt lamps generating negative ions. This is true. These lamps produce such ions but not in large amounts. Negative ions give you positive vibes, bringing significant improvements to your mood. 

Animal studies have shown that when exposed to significant levels of negative ions, their serotonin levels exponentially improved. This chemical, concerned with mood regulation in humans, is also released from salt lamps. It can also give you a boost to your motivation when exercising at the gym.

Additionally, if you decide to visit a spa that has rock salt lamps, you may notice your mood becoming a little more pleasant and calm. If you are stressed and exhausted, you may visit your nearest spa. The high levels of negative ions given off by Himalayan salt lamps help you relax and gain mental energy. Hence, you will definitely leave the spa with a better sense of overall well-being. 

Induce sleep

It’s been revealed that, since crystal salt lamps are effective in calming you down, they can also help you to sleep better. Some people are of the opinion that the soft glow from a salt lamp promotes sleepiness. Therefore, instead of bright electric lights, you are advised to turn on a Himalayan salt lamp before you go to bed. 

Improve Health 

It’s frequently claimed that adding salt lamps to a room oxygenates the brain, reduces the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, and boosts your immune system. By attracting the allergens in the air, as aforementioned, they also help purify the air that you breathe in. 

Moreover, they prevent you from getting consistent headaches and migraines. Himalayan salt lamps will also help you concentrate at the gym as they can help improve your focus and energy. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Things to Consider When Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Rock salt lamps are a cheaper alternative to buying machines that create and produce negative ions. Getting one for your gym, personal training studio, or spa will ensure that you can enjoy a soothing ambient glow indoors, even in cold winters. 

If you want your crystal salt lamp to work effectively, you need to choose one that has a combination of the following features. 

Size of salt lamp 

The bigger your salt lamp is, the larger the area of your room it will cover. Where as a small one will weigh around 5-6 lbs, larger ones will be heavier, weighing up to 50 lbs. Also, their prices will vary according to the size you choose. 

Smaller lamps will be more reasonable than larger ones. Therefore, you can, perhaps, add more than one small crystal salt lamp in your massage room to increase calmness. 

Rough surface

The important thing to know is; the surface area of your rock salt lamp will determine its potential for hygroscope. The rougher your lamp, the higher the hygroscope. On the other hand, if your lamp is polished and smooth, its hygroscopic potential will be less. It’s also a popular opinion that getting a salt lamp with a rough surface can prove to be a great decoration for your space. 

Proper bulb adjustment 

Perhaps the most important part of a crystal salt lamp is its light source. The heat that the bulb produces, will ensure that you are able to reap the hygroscopic benefits. The heat from the source mixes with the salts to carry out the process. 

You are advised not to be influenced by other people’s opinions as they often use LED bulbs. Such bulbs are not recommended if you want the Himalayan salt lamp to function effectively. 

Because of the growing popularity and demand for rock salt lamps, you can find an amazing variety of these almost everywhere. They not only provide you with health benefits, but are a beautiful and a fine addition to your space. Additionally, they are an eco-friendly light source that will provide you with a healthy spectrum of light. So you may want to consider them when you decide to buy lamps for your gym or spa.

Real vs. Fake Salt Lamps

With the increasing hype of Himalayan salt lamps, some vendors are fooling people by selling them fake salt lamps, claiming that they’re real. Vendors are quite ruthless when it comes to making a little extra cash. They’ll not hesitate to sell you cheaply manufactured crystal salt lamps. 

Thus, it’s significant to know the difference between real and fake salt lamp. 

The following are some main differences between the two to help you distinguish them easily.

Color and brightness

Before buying a Himalayan salt lamp, you must familiarise yourself with its colour to ensure you do not end up buying a fake one. There are usually various shades of colors between dark orange and pink. Any color that deviates from that pattern is a fake one. 

Moreover, real salt lamps emanate a light that is uneven and muted due to the presence of several different minerals in the salt. Thus, your lamp should have a soft glow.


Real salt lamps, by nature, are either an orange or pinkish hue. However, you may have heard of the rare Himalayan salt that is white in color. Because of their uncommon availability, they are sold at high prices since they have lesser amounts of impurities. 

If you see a white crystal salt lamp that is reasonably priced as compared to the other colored varieties. Then, chances are that you are buying a fake one. 

Exceptional moisture handling ability

One of the features of real Himalayan salt lamps is their ability to absorb moisture. Furthermore, after absorbing the moisture, they release pure water back into the environment. This process is commonly known as hygroscopy and is what makes your lamp sweat. 

Should your lamp never become damp or sweat even if you live in a region with high moisture, something is most definitely wrong with its authenticity.


Fragility is common in rock. If you order a lamp online, it may get damaged during the shipping process, if it’s not packed or shipped properly. It is not strong enough to withstand falling to the floor or being bumped against a solid object.

The crystal’s country of origin

You may be aware that Himalayan pink salt, which is authentic in nature, is mined in Khewra, Pakistan. The country’s location on the western edge of salt lamps the mountains allows it to obtain the pink salt, which makes up your salt lamp. So, to ensure that your lamp is real, you can always ask the seller about the country of origin. 

Return policies

Sellers, who have experience in dealing with crystal salt lamps, are aware of its fragility. Thus, they provide their customers with convenient and flexible return policies. However, if you are buying from someone who is strict about their return policies, then beware! They might be goading you into buying a fake lamp. And then keeping it as well. 

benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

Sometimes, those selling even real products can be quite inflexible with refunds. So, be sure to buy from a reliable seller.

Now that you know the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, and differences between fake and real ones, it is easy for you to make a purchase decision. 

I personally recommend buying from Fab Glass and Mirror. They are renowned sellers of real salt lamps. Moreover, they offer a money-back guarantee on their product along with free shipping.