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Do These 10 Things & I Guarantee That You’ll Totally Transform Your Life…

Do These 10 Things & I Guarantee That You’ll Totally Transform Your Life...

I’m so excited to share with you 10 things which are totally enriching my life right now. I guarantee that if you do them too then your life’s going to improve immediately.  

1) Workout at least 4x per week 

workout with LEP Fitness

We know that working out makes us look and feel better (that’s blatantly obvious!) but its also a chance to focus on quality ‘YOU’ time. There are many things in life which we cannot control, one thing we can do…. is look after our body and mind.

Working out is much more than losing weight and looking good on some Spanish beach! Training allows you to step out of the chaotic world, blow off some steam and instantly makes you feel better about yourself. Whether you workout in the gym or at home, or go on a run – make sure you do it at least 4x per week and 52 weeks a year! Click here for a bunch of FREE workouts

2) Meditate

mediate for better health

What does the word ‘mediate’ mean to you? Some of you will automatically think of a person, crossed legged, sat in the lotus position, humming and acting all spiritual! Well this is one form of meditation!

How I like to think of meditation: it’s taking time out to reflect and sit with your own thoughts. Take time to sit for 20 minutes a day and focus on being present. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months and I feel happier, healthier, my thoughts are clearer, my mood is better, and I’m less stressed! Winner winner chicken dinner!

I like to sit in either a quite room (the bedroom) or sit in a magnesium or bubble bath and just chillax (chill/relax!). I set my phone timer for 20 minutes and just calmly focus on my breathing whilst I let my thoughts run free, I try not to attach to them but just notice them and let them pass me by. I’d recommend checking out a book called The Power of Now to help you master this skill.

3) Visualise 

visualise your way to a better future

After 20 mins of meditation I spend another 20 mins visualising what I want to achieve in life. I’ll imagine the house I want to live in, the car I want to drive, future holidays, the man I want to be, the body I want, etc, etc.

I’ll sit, visualise and experience these ambitions as if I had them in my life already. After 40 minutes (20 mins meditation and 20 mins visualisation) I’m feeling totally ‘frickin awesome’. To start with even just 10 minutes a day of both mediation and visualisation will go along way to drastically improving your life.

Visualisation Tips: Sit down and figure out what you want in life, be ambitious, even if you don’t believe you can get the things you want, pretend that you can. That’s the beauty of our imagination, our subconscious mind can not tell the difference between whats real and what’s imagined. There’s a famous saying which I truly believe… “ what the mind can perceive the body can achieve”. Check out the incredible self development book ‘Think & Grow Rich‘ to explore this concept further.

4) Read, Listen and Learn

learn your way to a better future

It’s never been easier to learn a new topic. Thanks to the internet and super fast technology we have access to a vast amount of learning tools, most of which we can access at the click of a button!

I’m a firm believer in constantly trying to improve your knowledge. Just 20-30 minutes of dedicated learning each day will give your life a boost, spawn new ideas and help you progress further in your career, health or whatever it is that you want to improve.

I like to use a mixture of books, audiobooks, podcasts and training courses to ensure i’m learning through all mediums.

Ideas: On your commute to work you could listen to an audiobook or podcast. 10 minutes before bed you could read a book. You could also look for courses which you can attend on weekends or in your spare time.

5) Eat Healthy but don’t be miserable!

lep fitness diet

Who doesn’t love a good donut or pizza? Of course it’s important to eat plenty of fruit and veg (again blatantly obvious!) but all too often I see people setting themselves unrealistic expectations with food and then beating themselves up when they can’t sustain an unrealistic lifestyle.

People are often surprised  when they hear that I eat ice cream and order a curry! The truth is I have these foods most weeks and don’t feel guilty for including them in my diet. I workout at least 4x per week, eat lots of fruit and veg and enjoy a takeaway every now and then. Balance is key.

6) Be grateful for everyday

grateful for everyday - LEP Fitness - personal trainer sheffield

It’s all to easy to go through life on autopilot. At times it’s as though we’re drifting aimlessly down a stream, we fill our lives with chaos, we let things get on top of us, and we lose perspective.

One of the things that’s drastically changed my mood each day is spending time being grateful for all the good thats in my life. When i’m in the shower ill spend a few minutes thinking deeply about all the good stuff: a roof over my head, a loving family, food in my cupboards, water to drink, etc.

When you’re getting ready for the day, spend a couple of minutes appreciating all that’s good in your world.

7) Keep a journal 

Do these 10 things and I guarantee that you’ll totally transform your life forever more…

One thing I like to do is write a daily update in my diary. Basically a summary of the days events. I’ll write down some of the stuff i’ve done, the stuff that went well, the stuff that didn’t go so well! and anything I learned of value. Often it will only be a short 5-10 sentence summary. The reason for doing this is to be mindful of your day(s), be aware of your actions and behaviours and make-sure you’re heading in the right direction.

8) Hang out with like minded folk

you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with

They say… “you are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with”. I cant stress how important it is to hang around with like minded people. Those who are on the same mission as you. If you want to be fitter go and join a fitness class, if you want to be a better business man go and hire a business coach or attend a seminar.

Negative people will drag you down. Positive people will uplift you. You don’t have to drop all your friends overnight but be mindful of the negative influences in your life and likewise be aware of those people who make you happy. Phase out the negative energy zappers and cultivate relationships with those who bring the best out of you.

9) Give yourself a pat on the back


You are doing great. I take my hat off to you, you are trying to do the best with what you have. Nobody’s perfect but you are actively seeking to be better, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post.

It’s easy to be self critical (something i’m working on!) and put yourself down for not doing enough. Instead look at all the good things you’re doing, tune into the positives and give yourself a pat on the back, be proud of your efforts. Keep up the good work it will pay off.

10) Remember that things don’t happen overnight 


We want things to change INSTANTLY! with the click of a finger. Unfortunately there’s no such thing as a magic wand (not to my knowledge anyway, but if you know of one please send me the link!).

Things take time. Make-sure to keep investing in yourself, not for one week or one month, but forever more. Consistently learn, develop and grow and you will improve your life. Sometimes you’ll make big leaps, at other times progress will be slow. Remember… “life is a marathon not a sprint”. Keep chipping away, take small steps, reach out to people, listen, learn and never give up.

Thanks for reading, If you’ve read this post all the way through I 100% know you’re an amazing person and i’m honoured to have reached you. Keep up the good work my friend.

Until next time,

nick screeton legacy - owner of LEP Fitness a sheffield based personal training company