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Do You Struggle To Switch Off Before Bedtime?


Struggling to switch off?

When your body is absolutely knackered after a hard days graft, but your minds still super charged. . .

The more you try to get to sleep the worse it gets. . .

We all know how important some good zzzzzzzz are. . .

I’ve had a bad bout of poor sleep recently and its affected my performance, health and skin!

Whenever I get myself into this pickle I pull out my awesome toolbox of weapons. . .

  1. Take a magnesium bath 1-2hrs before bed
  2. Take magnesium and zinc tablets 2hrs before
  3. Limit coffee intake – 1 cup per day (otherwise you’ll be like Bez from Happy Monday’s! bouncing from wall to wall!)
  4. Avoid TVs, computers, phones at least 1hr before bed – the light emitted disturbs the hormones that help regulate sleep
  5. Go to bed before 10.30pm. If your sleeping pattern is all over the shop. . .set an alarm for 6am place your phone the opposite side of the room, get up and stay up. . .reset your body clock!
  6. Turn your bedroom in ‘Batmans Cave’ . . .the darker the room the better. You can buy blackout blinds or the easier option would be to buy a sleep mask.

Sleep is key not just for health but for work, for the energy you need with your kids, happiness, productivity + . . .

NOBODY wants to get wrinkles earlier than they should!

The 6 Steps above can be easily incorporated! Give them a blast…

Take action.

Here’s to baby sleep!