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Why Don’t You Bring Your Friends On Your Fitness Journey?

Why Don't You Bring Your Friends On Your Fitness Journey?

Getting fit isn’t easy, but there are plenty of ways to make it easier. You might work out at a certain time of day or go for a run instead of the gym, for example.

One of the best ways to get fit has to be with a friend. Not only is it motivation to hit set targets, but it also makes it more fun. The thing is your friends might not feel the same way, and that’s a problem. Thankfully, it is possible to get them onside with a few sneaky tricks…

#1 Show Them The Light

Most people want to get fit they just lack the willpower to get up off their bottoms! As soon as you show them you are ready to commit, they will likely commit, too. All they need is a reason to hit the gym, and you are that reason. A simple text message is enough to show them that you are not playing and you are in it for the long haul. All you have to do is sit back and wait for a response.

#2 Make Them Feel Guilty!

It sounds bad, but you need someone with you and pressuring them is the best way to convince them! Guilt is a powerful emotion and one that most people don’t like. Even when they know it is emotional blackmail, they still respond in the same way because they don’t want to let anyone down. To get them to say yes, you only need to ask them if they will join you to get fit. Tell them that you feel like you need someone to help because you might not do it otherwise. Don’t lay it on too thick; it isn’t the Oscars. Just provide them with the reasons they are important, and they shouldn’t be able to say no.

#3 Offer them a Reward

People respond to extrinsic stimuli. The extrinsic value of sport is why you see people on the basketball court or football pitch giving it everything for the team. They want to win trophies, and they want them bad. You and your friends won’t compete to the same level, but you will still compete. Competition is the reason why trophies and medals are a good way to up the ante. Sure, it sounds like a load of BS now, but just look out for how much you battle each other for the prize at the end of the rainbow. Your friends work in the same way, which is why a reward will get them off the couch and onto the treadmill.

#4 Make It Easier For Them

They are doing you a favour, so you should revolve your schedule around them. Remember that you don’t care what time you go to the gym and workout because you just want to get fit. They, on the other hand, might have different priorities. A good rule of thumb is to submit to their needs as it will make working out less daunting.

Don’t just get one friend – get as many as possible. The more the merrier!