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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...

“Nick is coconut oil good for me?”

“How much creatine should I have?”

“What’s the best time to workout?”

“Are carbs bad for you?”

I get bombarded with these type of questions on a weekly basis.

As a trainer I know the answers to the above and will happily explain them to clients – that’s one of the roles of my work, to educate.

That said 95% of the people who ask these type of questions don’t really need to be concerned with all of the small details, because what happens is that you get lost in them and end up totally confused and spend time focusing on areas that aren’t going to give you the biggest return on investment.

The two best pieces of advice that I can give to beginners is to focus on these two things….

#1 Workout 4x per week. Whether that’s at the gym, or road running, swimming, tennis or football – make sure you train 4x per week. This will have an enormous impact on both your mental and physical well being, as well as burning calories

#2 Buy your weekly shop in bulk – choose a bunch of healthy, nutritious foods; meat, veg, fruit, sweet potatoes, rice, also have a few treats. 80% healthy choices. 

This will prevent you from eating on the move all of the time, when you’re likely to reach for sugary foods and binge after a bad days work. Get some structure and start cooking healthier foods. Once you’ve spent the money you’ll also be more likely to eat what you buy.

Focus hard on making the above two things happen and you will make BIG changes to health, fitness and body confidence. Do these 2 things for the next 4 weeks and watch what happens…

It’s good to learn and improve your knowledge but to start with focus on less, and on the areas that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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Thanks for reading,

Nick 🙂