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Double the size of your arms with these 4 tricks…


Who wants bigger arms? 

Most guys do! 

A good pair of arms not only look good in a t-shirt, but they can also make you feel more confident!

In this post I’m going to teach you how to Double the size of your arms with 4 key tricks…

I’m also going to share a really effective arm workout (video) which I do once a week and which has really improved the size and shape of my arms. 

#1 Heavy Lifts

Like with any muscle group, if you want your arms to get bigger, you’ve got to get stronger. The aim is to constantly lift more over time, which therefore forces your muscles to grow!

The best exercises for adding mass to the arms are pull ups and parallel bar dips. These compound lifts hit multiple muscle groups and if done correctly will be the key to bigger arms. I 100% guarantee that if you get strong on pull ups and dips, your arms will grow like crazy! 

Make-sure your technique is correct before doing advanced moves like this, if you’re not sure how to do them correctly then hire a personal trainer to teach you.

#2 Variety 

I see guys in the gym doing the same exercises for arms every single week, it’s usually barbell curls and dumbbell curls! Now don’t get me wrong these two exercises are great, but there are plenty more arm exercises that hit different areas and will take the shape and size of your arms to the next level. 

For example try the following exercises over the next month, and pick the ones you like and that hit the spot…

Bicep exercises – preacher curl, cable curl, hammer curl, rope cable curls, isometric pull up hold, Arnold concentration curl. If you’ve never heard of some of these, then go on youtube for a quick demo.

Tricep exercises – overhead rope extensions, crab walks, bear walk, close grip push ups, bench dips. 

#3 Frequency 

If you want your arms to grow, train them more frequently, for example 2-3x per week. If you do train them more frequently then I’d recommend less overall volume, for example just pick 1 exercise for the biceps and 1 for the triceps and do 3 intense sets per muscle group. Each session mix up the exercises for example…

  • Arm day 1 – barbell curls x 6-10 reps + parallel dips x 6-10 reps – 3 intense sets of each 
  • Arm day 2 – pull ups x 6-10 reps + close grip bench press x 6-10 reps – 3 intense sets of each
  • Arm day 3 – cable curls x 15-20 reps + tricep pushdowns x 15-20 reps – 3 intense sets of each

#4 Rep Variety 

As well as heavy lifting, your arms will also respond well to high reps. Alongside your compound exercise like dips, pull ups and the close grip bench press, I’d also recommend using isolation exercises and doing higher reps. 

For example in your next arm workout try this….

Pick up a pair of 6-10kg weights and complete 100 reps of dumbbell curls in as few as sets as possible. Your arms will be fried!

I’m a big believer in varying rep ranges, for example one session go heavy and stick to 6-10 reps, but then the next session go for 15-20 reps. Keep mixing it up and use a combo of heavy lifting with higher rep work. 

Arm Workout…

Try this arm workout and let me know how you get on! It’s a killer! Make-sure to go as heavy as you can, but keep your form strict. If you do this properly you’ll be unable to wash your hair properly tomorrow! lol! #DOMS!

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Nick 🙂