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Easter Egg Surprise For LEP Fitness Members !


I love Easter! It’s probably my 2nd favourite time of the year after Christmas!

For most of us it is a nice 4 day break with the family. Or if you are a school teacher . . .

You are a real jammy dodger . . .

2 weeks off!

I suppose you do work hard! lol

Anyhooooo . . . last week I decided to treat the LEP Crew to a personalised Easter Egg . . .


Huh? whahhh? whyyy? pardon?

A personal trainer buying Easter Eggs for clients?

Yezzz sir! That is right!

Here at LEP Fitness we do things a little bit differently you see . . .

We train hard, eat well but enjoy some chocolate once in a while!

Of course the eggs had to be dark chocolate!

Chocolate is a part of life, it should not be seen as the devil but as a food which is perfectly acceptable to eat once in a while.

Too many of us see food as a reward . . .

Job promotion . . . yaaaay! reward with a takeaway!

Bad day at the office . . . boooo! reward with chocolate to make us feel better!

Bored . . . zzzz! let’s spice up life with some junk food!

We use food all the time as a reward mechanism.

But remember it is not one bad meal that makes us fat, nor one good meal that makes us lean and healthy. It is the small decision we make on a day to day basis that accounts for where we are right now. If you eat 80% crap and 20% nutritious food for 3 years straight what do you think you will look like?


Same applies if you flip reverse it . . .

You can get back on track!

Educating clients on food is extremely important, but what is most important is changing clients relationships with food. But that is a story for another day . . .

If you really want to know the secret now . . . Come and book in with me for a free chat and I will teach you how to develop healthier relationships with food, tell you what you need to do to start making progress and support you along the way so you start to feel fantastic!

Back to the Easter eggs . . .

I took a snap of clients with their eggs, LEP Fitness Members had to pull a silly face.

But like X Factor . . .

Some of the pictures did not make it into the next round! lol

Jokes but here are some of the best pics . . .


Hope you all had a great Easter.

Let’s get back to business and start transforming your body.

Give me a holla, I can help design you a custom meal plan or help train you via 1-1 training or using our online training system.