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Easy Ways To Inject Some Protein Into Your Diet…

Easy Ways To Inject Some Protein Into Your Diet

If you are just getting into fitness for the first time and you want to change up your diet to better suit your lifestyle, one of the things you will likely want to start doing is adding in more protein to your meals…

Protein is one of the three macros we eat every day and it is responsible for the repair of muscles and recovery of our body for stronger muscles and bones. It is essential if you are looking to build or shred and this is how you can introduce more into your diet.

Eat more fish

Fish is high in protein, low in fat and it is also full to the brim with amazing vitamins and minerals including omega 3 and 6. In an ideal world you would want to make sure you are eating fish at least once or twice a week to reap the benefits they give and a seared fillet of salmon with lots of veggies is the perfect post workout meal to fill you up and help the body repair.

Meat, meat, meat

If you have ever looked into the macros even a little bit then you will know that meat is what we most commonly associate with having high levels of protein. Red meats such as beef steak are incredibly high in protein but also high in fat so don’t eat them too often. Chicken, pork and turkey are lean proteins and they are ideal for every night in the week. Making your meat tasty is key, so that you stick to your diet plan! Make-sure to try some tasty recipes (which can be found online), and purchase the best cookware so that your food cooks nicely, and more importantly… it tastes delicious! 

Vegan protein burst

If you can’t eat meat for whatever reason or you are a vegan, contrary to popular belief you don’t have to miss out on that all important protein in your diet. There are plenty of vegetables like romaine lettuce, edamame, kale and spinach which have tonnes of protein and this will allow you to keep to a healthy diet and get yourself to a place where you are able to recover after a workout.

Protein on the go

If you are busy and you are looking to have a little burst of protein on the go before a workout, the easiest way to do this is by having protein bars. Protein Bars are often filled with bits and seeds and are high in protein and natural sugar to give you energy for a workout. Just make sure not to eat these every single day because of the sugar content.

Simple shake

A protein shake doesn’t have to simply consist of protein powder and water, and in fact many people instead incorporate their protein powder into a healthy smoothie at the start of the morning. For example you could mix protein powder with water, banana, an apple and a squeeze of lemon juice for a fresh juice to get you started for the day. It will be an easy meal to have before you get out of the door for work and it is always something which you can make the night before to save the hassle in the morning.