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Eating for Health: How to Find Time to Cook Every Day…

Eating for Health: How to Find Time to Cook Every Day...

In order to increase your chances of weight loss you simply need start prepparing more meals at home.

A recent study has found that those who cooked each meal at home were 28 % less likely to be categorized as overweight. They ate their favourite food, slept in when they felt like it and were still able to maintain a healthy weight.

Here is how you can find more time to cook/prep meals at home this week…

#1 Devote Sundays to meal preps

It’s hard to say what kind of schedule you have, but you’re quite likely to be busy if you need to squeeze out some extra time to make dinner. Sitting for an hour in traffic, crawling back home, and trying to deal with the household; when everything is finally over, it’s not tempting to cut onions and carrots for another twenty minutes.

Use your Sundays and use them well. By spending an hour on either cooking up a large pot you can reheat through the week or slice veggies and cooking beans before neatly stacking them away in Tupperware, you’ll be your own mid-week hero. Get yourself back home, reheat a meal or make use of the pre-sliced veggies and cooked beans to make something quickly.

It doesn’t get much easier than this, and you can mix some of the beans with some raw veggies and leafy greens for a mean lunch-salad at work. It’s a good idea to bring most of the food you eat at work from home, so read up on a shake that weight review and bring a smoothie or shake to work as well.

#2 Use kitchen shortcuts

Being a perfectionist at heart or just especially fond of cooking means that we often spend too much time on it. Everything tastes better with some chopped garlic and ginger – but it should be pureed and the minutes tick away while you chop, peel, and mince. Before you know it, you’ve decided to marinate the meat and put it away in the fridge for another thirty minutes.

It’s no wonder we can’t find the time to cook when we spend forty minutes on just prepping the food. Kitchen shortcuts are your saviour, and you’ll still be able to cook fancy dishes without spending an entire evening on it; mince the garlic in a mini-food processor, buy pre-chopped vegetables, toss everything into a crockpot, and let it cook itself.

#3 Cook for the masses

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with your family; cook extra portions, and you won’t have to spend time in the kitchen every day. The trick here is to prepare the kind of food you won’t mind reheating and eating again the day after, as well as dishes you can transform into something else.

Last night’s chili will easily fit into a tortilla the day after, for example, sprinkle some coriander on top, and dinner is already served.

Those who managed to eat at least five home-cooked meals per week were also 24 % less likely to have excess body fat than the ones who only ate at home three times per week. They also consumed more fruits and veggies than the other group, so the verdict is quite clear; find time to cook and eat the food you love, and your body will thank you for it.