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Exer-Tainment: Disguising Your Exercise As Entertainment!

Exer-Tainment: Disguising Your Exercise As Entertainment!

Everyone seems to want a perfect summer body, and with it only being January, there’s still plenty of time to achieve this. But you’ve got to start now! It’s best to pick activities which you enjoy – so you can sustain your routine. 

You see motivation only lasts so long, and when it runs out, most people just give up! This is where a lot of people fall short. Raw determination might not work for some. So, perhaps you could try something else. Thankfully, there are plenty of options and it’s now super easy to disguise your workouts and make them into something fun! To help you out, this post will go through some of those fun and enjoyable activities…


climbing walls at the gym

Do you enjoy a thrilling experience? If you fit into the adrenaline junky bracket, climbing might be for you. Most gyms have climbing walls, and you can even get one for your home! Climbing is a great way to burn loads of calories and work your upper body and core muscles. Just make sure that you get the right equipment and training before you try to climb anything. Most gyms will offer these services with your membership.


trampoline for exercise

In recent years, lots of parks have opened which are dedicated to letting you have a good old bounce! A high adrenalin trampoline park consists of an arena of trampolines. You will have loads of room to bounce around, and you’ll be exhausted in no time. These sorts of parks are really designed for fun. But, it’s a great aerobic exercise too, and it’s really entertaining. This is a great activity to try with your friends, family and children. If you live in Sheffield you could try the Jump Inc Trampoline Park near Meadowhall. 


swimming for exercise

If you want something that will boost your cardiovascular fitness, and exercise nearly every part of your body; swimming might just be the answer for you. Swimming is a great way to get fit. It’s also great exercise because it’s low impact, this means that it reduces injury and damage to your joints.  Most towns have somewhere to swim, and it will either be cheap or free. So, this exercise is perfect for anyone living on a tighter budget. To find out your nearest local pool – click here 

Workout With Friends

A great way to make any exercise more fun is to add an element of healthy competition.  Remember that you don’t have to take things too seriously. In fact, it’s best to make sure things stay friendly. But, healthy competition is good as you’ll push each other to new limits. Working out with your friends can also give you something to look forward to. 

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