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Fat Loss Frustrations! How To Quickly Lose Body Fat . . .


If you haven’t already please read the quote on the picture above . . .

How relevant is that to fat loss?

Time and time again I see people going to extreme ends trying to get quick fat loss : dropping their calories ridiculously low, and increasing cardio and training volume/ intensity, all that they achieve is absolute nothing but exhaustion and frustration!

Fat loss should not be difficult. Unless you are trying to get into single digit body fat for  a photoshoot or competition, in which case you do have to take your body to a place it doesn’t want to do, your body should be able to burn fat with you eating a decent amount of calories.

I strongly believe that if you are having to go to extremes to achieve fat loss within the first month, you have either set your time frame and expectations way too high OR there is an underlying reason why you aren’t able to optimally burn fat and utilize the calories you are taking in.

You have to think, if there is something going on inside you that your body is trying to protect you from, do you really think its going to be interested in burning fat at the same time? Or do you think its more concerned about your well-being and allocating all your body’s resources and energy to protecting you?

Once you address and fix the issue your body is fighting against, its going to be a lot more inclined to actually want to burn body fat or build muscle.

By actually dropping your calories and increasing your training intensity you may actually be causing yourself more harm than good.

One thing you will notice with the majority of my everyday 1-1 Sheffield clients who see me for general fat loss is the fact they are never hungry. Some actually eat more than they have ever eaten before and still easily drop body fat.

Don’t always associate no progress with lack of effort or too much food.

Think outside the box, that’s when then magic happens.

Remember . . .

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is heading in the wrong direction! : Kenichi Ohmae.


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