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Fatloss for Dads : How to Lose Fat In 5 Minutes


Are You Like Rob?

Fat loss for Dads - lose fat in 5 minutes

Rob’s a single, kind, loving father, 100% devoted to his family. He works hard to put food on the table, he also looks after his 4 year old son Charlie in the evenings after work. Rob’s devotion is admirable, and after all like all of us he only has 24hrs a day to get everything done.

Each day he spends . . .

  • 9hrs at work
  • 1hr travelling
  • 8hrs sleeping
  • 2hrs with Charlie, playing games, reading stories, tucking him up in bed
  • 4hrs doing random bits and Bobs! : getting ready, showering, brushing teeth, shaving, cooking, Facebook, Twitter, calling friends, family, work colleges, making tea, making coffee, and a whole other heap of unproductive tasks

That’s 24hrs gone. Hat’s off that’s one busy day, but where’s the time allocated for health and well being?

Oh Dear! Where did it all go Wrong?


  • 1990 : age 20 : 82 kg
  • 1995 : age 25 : 89kg
  • 2000 : age 30 : 94kg
  • 2010 : age 40 : 99kg

Noticing a trend here? Rob has clearly neglected no 1 . . . health. His weight has increased by 17 kg (that’s the average weight of 4 new born babies!). 20 years and the only thing to show for it physically is a tired looking complexion, saggy bags under the eyes, grey hair and a pot belly.

I understand that as you get older you have more responsibility, you have to pay the mortgage, bills, look after your children, etc. It’s hard to make the time to invest in you, but without your health what can you accomplish?

Serious question have a think about that for a moment . . .

What can you achieve without your health?

Not much, I mean does it feel good to have interrupted sleep, feel tired, and look old?

Fat loss for Dads - Sheffield - LEP Fitness - ageing-and-health

Now I am not asking you to go to the gym 5x per week and spend your whole life cooking healthy recipes. But I do want to provide you with a starting solution, a solution that will get your blood flowing, shift some body fat, make you sleep better, feel better, and eventually allow you to do more with your kids. Sound Good?

There’s only 2 downsides . . .

1) Your going to have to invest 5 minutes a day for 7 days!

2) Your eventually going to have to invest in a new pair of trousers and belt because fats going to be falling off you faster than you can say Roberts your Fathers Brother!

Portrait of a weight loss male with thumb up

Fatloss for Dads : 7 day challenge

– Complete upon waking. If that means waking up 5 minutes earlier then . . . wake up 5 minutes earlier! No dog ate your homeworkout excuses!

fat loss for dads - sheffield

Day 1:

50-100 Star jumps, after every 10 reps stop and do 20 air punches

Day 2:

2 minutes jogging on the spot, every 30 seconds touch the floor with your right hand and then left hand.

Day 3:

Plank : Put on the radio and the first song that comes on . . . hold the plank as long as possible. If you can do the full song your an athlete! You need a ‘CUSTOM PLAN’. Most however will need a few rests . . . that’s cooooolio, just try your best.

Day 4:

30-50 squats, after every 10 reps stop in the bottom squat position and pause for 3 seconds. You will have shakey Elvis Legs by the end of this!

fat loss for dads - dancing - fitness blog - fitfam

Day 5:

30-100 crunches, after every 10 reps hold the top crunch position for a count of 4 seconds.

Day 6:

Skipping Challenge – put your i-pod on shuffle mode and the first song that plays skip as best as you can for the duration of the song. Let’s hope your I Pod doesn’t spit out Beethoven symphony 9!

Day 7:

Put on you favourite song and dance your heart out from start to finish. You should work into a sweat. Unless your Michael Jackson! Shamon! Or David Brent? I would do this in Private.

fat loss david brent - ricky gervais fat loss

Some Scary Sh*t!

This time last year, I had a Dad come to me for personal training. He had been warned by his doctor that he was well and truly burning what little bridge he had left  and if something was not done urgently then he would become diabetic.

Thankfully we have prevented this via structured training and nutrition. But there are still 3.2 million people in the UK with diabetes and 630,000 people who have the condition but don’t know it.

That’s some pretty scary sh*t right? Diabetes is later life Is linked to poor health, and being overweight. The larger your waist the greater you chance of becoming diabetic. Fathers on a daily basis are being diagnosed, if you don’t look after your health it will be you.

Diabetic Self Assessment Test Link

BE A Role Model

To your child you are a superhero! they look up to Dad for guidance, what dad does they do. If you neglect your health, who’s teaching them to look after theirs? If they see Daddy exercising i bet you my house on it they will to. Instil habits in yourself and they will follow.

Best fitness trainer in Sheffield - Superman Breakfast Drink

The whole idea of ** Fatloss for Dads ** is to get you off your bum, it’s a small investment that will lead to great rewards. Feeling healthy is the best feeling one can get. I know because i practice what i preach, and i help others transforms their lives too. This could be the push you need to get going. If you complete this challenge I would love to hear from you. I’m hoping you will be ready to start phase 2. If your looking for a specific program designed towards your goals, please Contact Me

As always stay happy, look after your health and see everyday as an opportunity to make progress, and get better.

& Remember . . .

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step


Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness - Sheffield Personal Trainer