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Featuring in the Local Paper! Feeling Proud…


Featuring in the Paper….

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So last month I was asked to write a column for my local newspaper ‘Sharrow Today‘. It makes me laugh to be honest! I was in the lowest sets at high school and never in a million years would have thought that i’d be writing articles for the likes of The Idle Man and my local paper!

As those of you who follow me will know I love sharing my passion for health and fitness! Apart from my 1-1 personal training and semi private PT I do this by writing my weekly blogs and uploading regular video content on my Youtube Channel.

Here’s the article I wrote for Sharrow Today which has recently just been published…

“Hi, I’m Nick,

a fitness enthusiast living in the Steel City. I literally live, sleep and breathe anything relating to health & fitness and have for most of my life. I love it, It makes me happy and I’m extremely fortunate to be able live out my passion on a daily basis. I’m able to do this by running my coaching business ‘LEP Fitness’.

Originally from Manchester, I’ve lived in the Sharrow area for the past 7 years. arriving as a student, and fell in love as soon as my feet landed on Sheffield soil and I haven’t looked back since.

I love living here because it’s teeming with local businesses and full of charismatic people from all walks of life – a blend of students and the local community. It’s also only a 5 minute drive to the City centre and a 10 minute drive out into the stunning Peak District! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

My passion for sport started as a young child around the age of 6. I watched ‘The Karate Kid’ (‘wax on wax off’) & ‘The Mighty Ducks’ on video cassette! Then after persuading Mum and Dad, they started to take me to Karate and Ice Skating lessons. It didn’t take long for my obsession with sport to kick in. I’d come home and spend hours practicing Karate moves with my Dad in the backyard and hitting hockey pucks around the lounge (Mum was not happy!).

At the age of 9 I became the youngest blackbelt in the UK (Shukokai Karate) and I also had a pretty successful youth Ice Hockey career at Blackburn, where I played for 9 years.

After high school, I went to college in Brighton and studied A Level Science & PE. I then moved on to study Sport Science at Sheffield Hallam University.

Throughout the years I’ve continued to develop my experience across a range of sports. I’ve extensively studied and continue to study human anatomy and psychology in relation to exercise and nutrition.

Three years ago I set up my 1-1 & small group coaching business ‘LEP Fitness’. I now share my knowledge on a daily basis with the people of Sheffield.

LEP Fitness specialises in improving ‘Body Composition’ – which basically means re-sculpturing and enhancing how your body looks (fat loss & muscle shaping) whilst improving fitness & boosting confidence. It’s not about faddy crash diets and military style training, more over It’s about providing stimulating, fun coaching sessions that educate and promote positive change which you can sustain and then fit into your own lifestyle.

I genuinely believe this is what I was born to do and I’m extremely lucky to have worked and continue to work with some very special people in our community – those who want to be physically and mentally better version of themselves.

It’s a privilege to be able to reach you and I look forward toto helping you and our community over the forthcoming months. I’m looking forward to sharing some of my ‘ Top Secrets’, which I have accumulated from over 6,000 coaching sessions and 10 years in the Fitness industry. I am going to share some of my wisdom – what I have learned, which will certainly improve your life. You have my word that I will try my best to deliver valuable content which will help you on your own journey.

I strongly encourage you to engage in the content and please feel free to ask questions you may have. I want to help you and you can reach me over @ www.lepfitness.co.uk . There’s also over 150 FREE articles & videos ranging from healthy recipes, to workouts, to nutritional tips, lifestyle, interviews, success stories, personal blogs, and much much more. I blog at least 1 new article every week and these can be found over @ www.lepfitness.co.uk/blog

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