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Fed Up Of Failing To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle? Here’s What You Need To Do…


Groundhog day – Same sh*t different day…

Fed Up Of Failing To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle? Here’s What You Need To Do…

One month you live off chicken salads, wholesome vegetables and sweet fruit but then the next month you’re devouring everything in site: takeaways, crisps, chocolate, beer, wine – basically anything that gives you a short term boost and leads to type 2 diabetes!

This is the predicament most people are in. Every year people fail to change their lifestyles, and if they do it’s often only temporary. People hop from diet to diet, pill to pill, program to program, trainer to trainer – all in the hope of finding the magic solution!

If you are totally fed up of being in this FRUSTRATING RUT then i’d recommend tuning into this post. I’ll be sharing a KEY SUCCESS FORMULA that is guarenteed to change your life.

If you follow what i’m about to share… it’s IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE & BODY, but most importantly…. you’ll be able to MAINTAIN YOUR RESULTS forever more!

Pain & Pleasure…

As humans we are motivated by Pain and Pleasure. If something is causing us enough harm we will stop that behaviour. If something is giving us more pleasure than pain then we will continue that behaviour.

For example my gran used to smoke like a chimney (40+ cigarettes a day!) and no matter what any of us said to her, she just wouldn’t quit. Then one day she had a heart attack and never smoked again. The pain of having another heart attack was great enough to make her stop and never smoke another cigarette! The fear of dying young, leaving her kids, and never meeting her grandchildren was enough to make her ditch the toxic habit.

Likewise, many of us engage in behaviours which we know are bad for us: drink, drugs, eating excessively, smoking, etc, etc. Although we ultimately know that these habits and behaviours will cause us harm in the long run we continue to do them because they give us pleasure on some level e.g.

Emotional Eating : we eat when bored, when happy, when sad. Food gives us the temporary pleasure and helps us numb our emotions. Therefore it’s serving a valuable purpose.

Smoking – when somebody smokes it calms them down (this is total BS by the way!) but people think smoking relaxes them, but actually what relaxes them is that they are consciously inhaling and exhaling and it’s the breathing that’s relaxing them. Do this without a cigarette and you’ll get the same benefit. If we link more pleasure to smoking than pain – we will continue to smoke.

Alcohol – I’ll be the first to admit that i’ve drank excessively in social situations to mask my nerves. We use alcohol to numb our fears, to make us relax, and to help with stress. The trouble is that this only masks our problems and they continue to haunt us unless we break the negative cycle.

Toxic Relationships : we fear being alone, so we’d prefer to be unhappy with an abusive partner rather than end the relationship in case we never find another partner.

Of course there are many more examples but hopefully you get the gist. Despite the above behaviours being detrimental to our health and well-being we still use them because they serve us on some level, otherwise we wouldnt do them!

Linking Pain & Pleasure to Get What You Want…

Now here’s the KEY SECRET….

You have to link MASSIVE PAIN to what you don’t want and EXTREME PLEASURE to what you do want. The more emotional you can get the better.

I’ll give you an example…

Recently me and Sally had a little baby boy called Noah (10 weeks old on Thursday!) and we want to provide him with a good life. Recently we’ve made the conscious decision to not buy a takeaway every week.

Our weekly habit of ordering a takeaway has pretty much been in place since we started dating 9 years ago! We spend on average £15 per week on takeouts! Holy Cr*p!  put another way that’s a whopping £720 per year (a holiday!).

It also means that over 9 years of being together we’ve spent…£7,020 on takeouts!!! holy sh*t that’s a small fortune. That money could have been used a lot more constructively!

Instead of spending money on takeouts we’ve decided to put £15 a week away into a pot for Noah to help him when he’s older. Alongside this i’ve also made a commitment to put the money i’d spend on chocolate, cakes and crisps into a separate pot for him.

What’s happened here? I’ve simply changed my motivation. The commitment I have to help my son lead a good life far surpasses the short term fix of eating a chocolate bar or chicken tikka masala!

I’ve linked GREAT PLEASURE to helping my son and linked EXTREME PAIN to not delivering on my promise.

PLEASURE: I can help my son with a deposit for a house (15 years x £780 per year = £11,700!)

PAIN: If I indulge I’ll feel guilty and selfish that i’m spending money on me rather than him. I’m also not being a good role model because I don’t want my son to get into a weekly takeaway habit!

My EMOTIONAL MOTIVATION to change now makes my endeavour a whole lot easier.

Weight Loss…

Let’s do the same for weight loss. In order to create long and lasting change you again need to link TREMENDOUS PAIN to not changing and EXTREME PLEASURE to changing. Let’s look at how you could do this…



  • I hate being out of breathe when i’m in the park with my kids
  • I hate the way I look and feel
  • If I don’t change I could develop diabetes and that will affect my health
  • My family has a history of heart problems, I could be next
  • I don’t want to die young, I want to be there for my kids
  • The money I spend on sh*t food could buy my kids a holiday!


  • If I improve my fitness i’ll be able to run around the park with my grandchildren
  • If I stop buying chocolate everyday (0.50p per bar) i’ll save £182.50 per year. I could use that money to buy my children I nicer christmas present
  • If I lose 4 stone i’ll be able to buy nice clothes and ill feel more confident
  • I’ll be a better role model to my kids, I don’t want them to follow in my unhealthy footsteps

100% Guarantee…

I can 100% guarantee that if you follow the PAIN & PLEASURE principle discussed in this post you can literally CHANGE ANY HABIT. If you don’t manage to change it’s because you’re simply not linking enough pain to your current behaviour and enough pleasure to changing. That is all it comes down to.

I can guarantee that if somebody put a gun to your head and threatened to shoot you if you didn’t stop smoking – you’d 100% stop! Because you value your life more than a cigarette.


  1. Figure out what you want to change
  2. Link PAIN to not changing
  3. Link PLEASURE to changing
  4. Keep re-enforcing that pattern until it becomes fully ingrained into your mind and body

We all have the power to change in an instant! Get your emotional brain working in your favour  and go and make some good sh*t happen!

Here’s to your future success and happiness

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Nick 🙂