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Fighting My Burger Addiction…

I just love Burgers!

I love burgers as much as my family (ok slight exaggeration!) but I could literally eat them everyday (and probably for breakfast, lunch and dinner!).

Today I walked past Burger King at the train station and my mouth started watering…

I could smell the burgers, and the crispy French fries. In the past id have probably have polished off a double burger, chips, and coke, sometimes I’d even have bought 2 burgers (yeah I know I’m a fat git!). Today however I opted for an M&S sandwich, pack of crisps and chocolate brownie.

I made a better choice.

Let me explain…

  • Burger King meal = 2, 789 calories
  • M&S meal = 1,510 calories

I saved myself from eating an extra 1,279 calories!

I fancied a treat and picked an option with less calories and foods which I don’t over eat on. See when on a weight loss endeavour the key is to create a calorie deficit, to look for food alternatives with lower calories.

Dieting shouldn’t be about being super restrictive (unless your some muscle bound pro bodybuilder or thin as a rake Kate Moss catwalk model!) Who wants to be like that anywayzzz???

  • Dieting doesn’t have to be boring
  • Dieting needs to work for you in the long term
  • Dieting needs to be sustainable
  • Making small changes can make a big difference

Remember “he or she who creates a calorie deficit and stays in it the longest wins” 

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