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Fitness and Cannabis: 5 Ways You Can Combine Them…

Fitness and Cannabis: 5 Ways You Can Combine Them...

Weed shop cannabis and exercise are probably two of things you would like to combine last. Perhaps, you’re thinking that these two won’t work well together. So every time you smoke, you don’t want to exercise because working out after smoking isn’t something that you have considered or tried.  But did you know that you could actually use cannabis to your advantage and combine it with exercise for better results?

How to Combine Exercise and Cannabis…

In your community are yoga classes and cannabis gyms, along with related marijuana marketing campaigns and fitness activities combined with weed.  And these got you curious.

So if you’re looking for information on how to combine weed and exercise for an active and intense lifestyle, see the following.

Choose the Right Time

Weed can make exercise more fun, one of the reasons to smoke before hitting the gym or attending a yoga class. It is why many endurance athletes and runners also turn to marijuana prior to their fitness regime or routine.

By combining weed and exercise, you can also prevent post-workout soreness and pains.   Choose the right time that works for you so that you can take advantage of CBD’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Try Exercising and Cannabis Outdoors

Combine exercise and cannabis in outdoor activities.  Grab a pair of headphones and trail run! Explore the woods, streams and foothills and make the activity more fun with cannabis. You can also try rock climbing, bouldering or hiking.  

Do not forget tossing some cannabis into your bag. However, save the puffing for later. Do not get yourself too high because these activities could be a daylong adventure, which requires endurance and stamina. Be sure to pack a cannabis lotion to help with sore joints that you might get especially on your way down if hiking.

Try Also Yoga or Meditation

Unlock the full potentials of yoga and/or meditation with cannabis.

Brace yourself and upgrade your session, and let weed during the activity help push your physical and mental boundaries further.

You can boost your spiritual awareness, bliss and relaxation by combining weed during the session. What cannabis from a weed shop does is helping the body react excellently to these things, especially relaxation.

In fact, cannabis during yoga/meditation can boost your mind’s ability of making meaning out of what you’re doing. With yoga and cannabis, you can ensure of improved physical capacity both short- and long-term. You can also boost the effects of meditation with cannabis, which can rev up the speed and quality of your brain’s thoughts.

Try Long Distance Running

Running while stoned is nothing new, of course.  Many endurance athletes have admitted their relationship with weed and ways it helps them boost their performance.

By being stoned before a run, you might go longer than usual and less affected by pain and anxiety. What happens is that weed can mimic the body’s natural endorphins, making you feel more energetic and with a better stamina.

An article also states that cannabis can make long runs less miserable, and running while stoned is also therapeutic. It helps runners concentrate even on the small movements of their bodies.  

Also, some users noted about not minding the speed they’re going, and instead feel happy and more fulfilled with each run – enjoying it much more.

Perhaps, you’ve also learned from some marijuana marketing campaigns that weed can actually help you get in the zone – and prevent being bored easily.  

[Some runners use vaporizers or edibles before running because these can encourage steady rhythmic zone to maintain a competitive running speed. Nevertheless, cannabis can improve their focus – and help them stay in the zone.]

Try Strength Training

Cannabis can make weightlifting better, and one of the best strains to use before it is Harlequin because it can help with patience and focus. It also encourages concentration on the correct form.

With it, you will notice how you will be lost in your reps.  So if you want to improve your weightlifting results and be able to push yourself harder, you might want to use the right amount of cannabis that is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Using weed as a part of exercise is a great idea.   Try those ways mentioned above on how to combine cannabis and fitness. But if you’re a beginner, start slowly in combining weed into your workouts and gradually find the correct amount that fits you.

Have you ever exercised while stoned?  Share your story with us. Finally, spread the word and share this article on the ways to combine weed shop cannabis and fitness today!