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My thoughts on fitness classes, personal training, running and other means of losing weight…


Holy Cr*p! Were All Becoming Fat…

My thoughts on fitness classes, personal training, running and other means of losing weight - online personal trainer - online personal training

It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to realise we have a major health epidemic. Most of us could do with at least shedding a few lbs!

“In 2014 results showed that 61.7% of adults were overweight or obese (65.3% of men and 58.1% of women)” (1)

What Do We Do?

  • What are some of the best ways to shift those lbs?
  • What should we avoid?
  • What will give us the best return on investment?

I’m going to reveal all in this post. I’m going to be sharing the pro’s and con’s of each, so you can decide what’s best for you…

1) Fitness Classes

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Fitness classes are fun! Your with a group of people all in a similar boat.  It can be a social occasion, allowing you to meet new friends and become part of a community.

It’s also the opportunity to listen to some ‘banging’ music! and get the endorphins surging around your body.

Although there are many types of fitness classes some will burn more calories per hour than others:

  • Aerobics = 435
  • Body Combat = 543
  • Circuit Training = 580
  • Pilates = 250
  • Spin Class = 525
  • Yoga = 237

For full list of activities + calories burned per hour click here

From my experience the best types of fitness classes for body re-shaping and weight loss are those with a heavy resistance training focus –  the likes of body pump, body combat and circuit training.

The ‘con’ to classes are that they may lack individual specificity. We’re all different, and the following vary greatly: fitness levels, height, weight, age, goals, limb length, etc, etc – the list is endless. Although fitness classes can be effective there probably never going to be as precise at delivering results as one to one personal training.

2) Personal Training

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With so much information readily available at the push of a button, thousands of exercises and an endless stream of faddy diets it can be hard to know who to trust and what to do for the best.

Enter the personal trainer…

A good personal trainer is like a fast track ticket at alton towers, your going to get there much quicker! That’s not to say there isn’t hard work involved, there is, however with the right coach your going to save time (rather than learning to do it all yourself!).

In my opinion hiring a coach is a must for anybody looking to improve quickly. Top coaches are experts, they’ve spent years learning their trade, they no the pitfalls and have the toolkit to help you.

The downside that most see with personal training is the cost. Personal training typically ranges from £20 to £100 per hr. This can be a deterrent for some.

The people that moan about price are typically the one’s that spend £30 a week on take-aways and 50.00 smackaroos on getting bladdered on a Saturday night! It’s an investment not an expense, an investment that will greatly benefit how you look and feel 24/7!

If I could guarantee that in 3-12 months you could completely change the shape of your body, sleep like a baby, boost your sex life, and buy the wardrobe you’ve always wanted…. would you take it?

I bet 99.9% of people would say… ‘Hell Yes!’

The truth is with the right coach, the right plan of action + hard work and consistency (on your part!) it really is 100% possible – just ask the LEP Tribe.

3) Running

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I’ve recently gotten into running, I love the post workout feeling it gives me – a rush of feel good endorphins which surge around my body from head to toe, my mind feels clearer, as though a weight has been lifted and all that remains is pure bliss!

I’m also left with knee ache’s and occasionally a bad lower back!

The problem with running is that it’s very high impact and for those of us who are carrying some extra timber it can really place an enormous amount of stress on our joints, especially the knees, and ankles, which can also lead to back pain and other issues.

Although running can be an effective way to lose weight, there are also other means if not better ways to achieve a fat loss outcome without the need for wrecking your cartilage!

If you love running and don’t suffer with pain then continue.  If however your running solely to lose weight, i’d recommend switching up your training…

Take cycling for example, where there’s 0 impact. Other great alternatives are swimming and resistance training. Check out some of my FREE workouts 

4) Walking

I really can’t rate walking enough.

Walk to work, take the stairs wherever possible, walk to the gym, walk, walk, walk! and walk some more.

Walking is great because it’s very low impact and doesn’t cause as much stress to your central nervous system as other forms of training. It’s a great way to burn fuel and shift those pounds without obliterating your joints.

I try and encourage LEP members to take a minimum of 12,000 steps per day, ideally 15,000. I would also recommend picking up a Fitbit so you can track your daily steps and take accountability for your daily exercise.

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