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For those of you that know me, you will know I love a good podcast!

Feeds the brain Sanka!


So I have started listening to the London Real series on iTunes

It’s awesome, life changing in fact!

When I say life changing I actually mean it has changed my life (for the better . . .) I will explain why shortly.

I made a promise to myself last week, that promise was to listen to 1 podcast a day. So far I have kept my word and my mind has been buzzing like a bumble bee.

The Dorain Yates podcast is insanely informative, with plenty of golden nuggets for you to grab.

For those of you thinking . . .

Who the he*l is Dorian ?!?! . . .

Only one of the most famous bodybuilders of all time!


For fitness fanatics I would also recommend the Jamie Alderton, London Real Podcast.

The Best Podcast Ever . . .

On Sunday I chilled with one of my best buddies and fellow personal trainer Ryan Dutton.


Apart from chilling in the sun (makes a change here in the UK!) we had an afternoon of listening to some cool London Real podcasts.

In fact Sunday is when fate lead me to my favourite Podcast of all time.

A London Real one with Tai Lopez it’s called . . .

How To Become Great!

I am pretty sure my intellect doubled after listening to this one! well okay not quite, but it felt like it.

One thing I haven taken from the Tai Lopez PC  . . .

Read 5 different books at the same time!

What ?

Huh ?

I am being 100% serious.

Why on earth would you read 5 books at the same time?

Apparently the legend that is Bill Gates (Microsoft Gazillionaireeee!) uses the 5 book method. The idea behind the concept is to increase creativity, linking ideas across multiple subjects, to catalyse and cultivate new ideas.

In other words . . .

It is a way to get the brain juices flowing  . . . .

I guess it is like the difference between having a solo brain storming session, compared to having a brainstorming session with a bunch of people. The group session is going to encourage far more ideas, with each person bringing something different to the table, causing a ball of ideas/energy to match that of a nuclear bomb! well providing you have a good bunch of people of course.

So far I am only on day 6 but I am absolutely loving this new concept.

My mind is flowing like the water on Niagra Falls and I am having some pretty wild dreams.

Here is how it works, 1st pick 5 books (different subjects/stories, etc)

Day 1 read book 1, Day 2 read book 2, Day 3 read book 3, etc , etc. After the 5 days (5 different books) go back to book 1 and repeat.

Read each book for 15-30 minutes (depending on free time and how much you want to learn).

Here are the books thats I am currently reading . . .

  1. The Science of Fat Loss : By Phil Richards (Sports Science Book)
  2. Immediate Fiction : Jerry Cleaver (Novel on How to write a Fiction book)
  3. 5 Star Service : Michael Heppell (How to deliver exceptional service to clients)
  4. Flow : Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (psychology about flow and creativity)
  5. Kill Order : James Dashner (Maze Runner Fiction series! awesome awesome book series!)

If you want to get your creative juices flowing and have some mental dreams give it a blast . . .

Adios for now Amigo!