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From Couch To 8km! Lorena Fitness Transformation


Hola! my name is Lorena!

I am originally from Spain but I have now lived in Sheffield for nearly 3 years. I am a languages teacher and I really enjoy travelling, reading, visiting my family and DOING EXERCISE! (I would have never said that 6 months ago!)

The past 9 months I have been on an incredible fitness journey with LEP Fitness !

I would like to share with you my journey so far. I hope to share some valuable insights and hopefully inspire you before you embark on your own personal journey . . .

It got to the point that most of the clothes I had, specially trousers, were too tight (or impossible!) to wear. I would have needed a whole new wardrobe if I carried on with my old lifestyle.

Not only was I unhappy with my body, but also I was feeling tired all the time and I wasn’t sleeping well.

I’m only 25 and walking up the hills of Sheffield was a complete struggle. I knew something had to be done so I decided to seek help.

I started fitness classes two months before I went to see Nick. I enjoyed them, but due to my poor nutrition and lack of intensity in these classes my body wasn’t changing at all. I knew I needed individual support so I looked up personal trainer Sheffield and LEP fitness came up. I read all the testimonies and was amazed to see how many people were positive about the service they had received. I did not want to miss out on this opportunity for help!

I also loved the fact that the sessions were outdoors and not in a gym. I went to see Nick and met a great professional, he asked me questions about my lifestyle, diet, goals . . .


Choosing LEP fitness has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, I am a completely different person (for the better!) compared to last year.

I lost fat from my stomach and thighs, I went down a size in about two months and lost 10 kg in 5 months.  Overall I now feel stronger and healthier than ever. 6 months ago I couldn’t even run 2km, but a couple of weeks ago I finished an 8K obstacles event! I couldn’t be happier with myself!


For me the most difficult part of the journey was the beginning, the first couple of months were hard. I had very bad eating habits before I started training with Nick, I would live off processed foods (sandwiches, take-aways, and many other indulgences).

The very detailed custom meal plan really helped me change my body shape. But what helped me the most was when Nick educated me on food, explaining to me about my relationships with food, and about nutrition in general : the effects it has on performance, mind and how your body looks! Knowing why I was doing what I was doing really helped me.

At first, I struggled with finding time to prepare the meals, I had to make adjustments and face the difficult truths that had been holding me back. But, after a couple of weeks everything started to get a little easier as I learned more each week and prepared most of my meals on Sundays so I had them for the rest of the week.

Being organised and getting ahead has been one of the key ingredients for me!

I saw results quickly, I couldn’t believe how much fat I was loosing and how much stronger I was feeling. The first 4 weeks I saw little progress but then my body suddenly started to change, this really motivated me and I realised my hard work and preparation was starting to pay off!


Nick is always there to answer any questions I have, and he constantly gives me new ideas for recipes, motivates me when he talks and has helped support me when I was feeling a bit down. The weekly check-ins have also really helped me as I could see progress through the pictures and we have an target each week so we stay on track.

My lifestyle has totally changed and my shopping list is completely different to what it used to be. I had no idea of the importance of protein in a diet, I always thought that the best thing to lose weight was eating salads/fruit and feeling hungry most of the time. The experience with LEP fitness has taught me the complete opposite. I can feel full while eating deliciously tasting healthy foods, and continue to lose body fat at the same time! Also in terms of training, I now understand the importance of intensity, Nick has a great way of motivating me to get the most out of our sessions.

Also, I had always thought that lifting weights made people look big and bulky but I was wrong . . . again! My body now looks very toned and I am very happy with the shape of my arms, stomach, and legs! I now even really enjoy lifting weights and seeing how my body gets leaner each month.

I am most proud of the fact that I have completely changed my lifestyle. My eating habits are absolutely different and I now enjoy doing exercise, something I found very boring for most of my life. I can definitely say that I am in the best shape of my life, I am stronger and fitter than ever before!

Oh and I am not done yet . . .

I am doing the 10K run in September. I am also aiming to get 30 push-up non-stop (I couldn’t even do one when I started training with Nick, I can now do 15!). I’ll also be doing another obstacles event next year, but this time will be a 14k!

My advice to the people reading this . . .

Forget about diets, this is a lifestyle change. Put all your effort in the sessions and enjoy your transformation, I can guarantee that you will love the experience and would highly recommend Nick. He is the best personal trainer in Sheffield!

Good luck!

If you are looking to embark on your own personal fitness transformation like Lorena please get in touch now. If you are based in Sheffield we can do 1-1 personal training or private group personal training. If you are located further a field there is also an Online Personal Training and a Custom Meal Plan service.

It is time to get the results you want, leave the pain behind and start making positive change today, it will be the best decision you make this year!