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Four Ways To Write Gripping Content For Your Fitness Blog

Four Ways To Write Gripping Content For Your Fitness Blog

Writing engaging articles for your website is one of the best ways to get more paying customers, increase your traffic, and build a loyal fanbase…

The problem is that most fitness blogs fail – this is typically down to not being able to write gripping and engaging content. In this article, we will give you four easy-to-use writing tips to help you grow your fitness blog. 

#1 Know Your Audience

Do you know your audience?

I’m not just talking about their age and gender, but everything about them? From their hobbies, where they hang out, their pains, and pleasures?

The more you know your customer, the better able you are to help them. You can provide solutions to problems and turn them into paying customers.

A high-quality fitness website clearly understands their audience’s wants and needs and deliver relevant and gripping health and fitness content. 

#2 PASTOR (the ultimate writing script) 

Have you heard of the acronym PASTOR?

PASTOR stands for:

P = Person, Problem, Pain

A = Amplify 

S = Story & Solution 

T = Transformation and Testimony

O = Offer & Opportunity 

R = Response & Result

For example, let’s say you want to sell a weight loss product, here’s how you could use PASTOR…

P = women between 40-50, who have tried lots of diets in the past but failed, they don’t like how they look.

A = their body image impacts all areas of their life, confidence, sleep, mood, and energy. If they don’t change, it’s only going to get worse.

S = tell stories of how people have bought your service or product and gotten results. Explain the solution you have to help them and why it’s different from what they’ve tried in the past. List all of the benefits if they buy/work with you. 

T = share customer testimonials and transformational stories for social proof – This demonstrates that your products/services work.

O = provide an offer, i.e., blocks of personal training sessions or discounts.

R = have a call to action ‘get in touch here’ or ‘call this number today’ – you want your customers to respond to your copy. 

#3 Keep It Simple – Stick To The Basics  

Fancy words and science lingo doesn’t appeal to many readers. If you try to show off or use terminology that your readers can’t understand, guess what’s going to happen? They will leave your site in a flash and go elsewhere. Is this what you want? 

Instead, use easy to understand language that resonates with your readers and break down your content into bite-sized chunks. 

Here are five bullet points to keep your audience engaged:

  • Write short sentences (10-14 words per sentence)
  • Short paragraphs (it’s easier for readers to scroll)
  • Break up your copy with images, bullet points, headings, and quotes
  • Use sans serif text (optimal for reading) 
  • Ask lots of rhetorical questions to keep your audience engaged. 

#4 Tap Into Emotion (KFC)

Humans don’t buy based on logic they buy based on emotion. If you can tap into your audiences’ emotions, you will make sales and have customers queuing up to do business with you. 

Have you heard of the acronym KFC? 

It stands for

  • K = Knowledge 
  • F = Feeling
  • C = Commitment 

You first have to demonstrate to your readers that you have the ‘knowledge’ – for example, you understand their situation, struggles, and how to overcome them. 

Then you tap into ’emotions’ the feelings, such as what happens if you don’t change? Or ‘imagine’ in 3 months you feel lighter, fitter, and look in the mirror with pride at your new body transformation – how would that make you feel? 

Then finally, you get your audience to take action and ‘commit’ to getting in touch so they can purchase your program. 

Extra Copywriting Resources:

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Nick Screeton – Founder of www.lepfitness.co.uk