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Full Body Fat Burning Workout (That You Can Do Anytime… Anywhere!)


It’s January (as of writing this!), the nights are cold, winter is in full flow and body fat is probably at it’s highest (after the Christmas feast!). It can be tough to get motivated and know where to start when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.

That’s exactly my motivation behind this post, I want to help you.

I’m providing you with a FREE guide, a fat busting workout that you can do anytime, anywhere and with very little equipment (you only need a pair of dumbbells!).

Below you’ll find your exercise portfolio + your full body fat burning workout. I hope you enjoy and please get in touch if you have any questions and seek further help.

1. Static Glute Bridge

glute raises - sheffield personal trainer - sheffield personal training - glutes - Full Body Fat Burning Workout

Lying down on the floor, cross your arms and bend you knees to 90 degrees keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. Push yourself up into the bridge position (shown in the picture) and contract your gluteus maximus and hamstrings by pushing down hard into the floor. Stay in this static position for the duration of your set making sure to clench you butt throughout.

2. One Legged Glute Raise

one leg glute raise - how to build the perfect booty - butt - bottom exercises

Lying down on your back lift one leg straight in the air and bend the other leg (90 degrees). Plant the bent leg firmly into the floor and then start to push down into the floor so your hamstrings and gluteus maximus start contracting. Now lift up and squeeze to the top (see second image). Finally, lower yourself back to the ground (maintaining tension) before repeating.


RDL - romanian deadlift - lep fitness - sheffield personal trainer - gluteus maximus - how to build a perfect butt

Pick up a pair of DB’s. Stand up straight and freeze your upper body (lock it in place), bend your knees slightly, then lock your legs in place. Hinge back using the hips. Maintain a neutral spine and focus on pushing the hips backwards to gain a hamstring stretch. At the bottom position push hard into the floor and squeeze your hamstrings and gluteus maximus as your return to the starting position .

4. Squat

DB squat - how to DB squat - LEP Fitness - Nick Screeton - Sheffield - PT - squats for glutes

Stood up, holding a pair of dumbbells, keep your spine neutral and push your feet firmly into the floor tensing your thigh muscles. Keep this tension and squat down to 90 degrees. Squeeze your glute muscles and push back up to the starting position.

5. Dumbbell Skull Crushers

DB skull crushers - how to perform dumbbell skull crushers - LEP Fitness - FREE fat loss workout

Lying on the floor, grab a pair of dumbbells, get your arms straight and then bend at the elbow, lowering the DB’s slowly to 90 degrees. At the bottom (just above your head)  pause for 1 second before squeezing the weights back up to the top position using the triceps.

6. Wide Grip Push Up

How to perform a wide grip push up

Place hands on the floor (just outside shoulder width). Press down into the floor as hard as you can to create tension in the chest and triceps. Then lower yourself down to the floor, squeeze your chest and push yourself back up to the top. If you struggle to complete a full push up then start building up by keeping your knees on the floor. You can also check out my ‘How to Perform A Perfect Push Up‘ video by clicking here.

7. Standing DB Side Raises 

How to do a DB side raise - exercises for shoulders - LEP Fitness - FREE Workout - Fat loss - muscle building

Standing tall with a pair of dumbbells by your side contract the weights up lateral using your shoulder muscles. Once at the top pause for a second, squeeze hard, before slowly returning to the starting position.

8. Standing DB Curls 

Standing DB curls - how to get big biceps - how to do a perfect DB curl - dumbell bicep curls - Nick Screeton - Sheffield fitness trainer

Standing tall with a pair of dumbbells, pull your shoulders back and have your palms facing forwards. Contract the weights up squeezing the biceps as hard as possible before slowly returning to the start position.

The Full Fat Burning Workout…

Crikey this is going to burn! I’d recommend getting used to the exercises first by doing a couple of practice rounds. If you really want to master the techniques i’d strongly consider hiring a personal trainer.

Here’s your full body fat burning circuit, guaranteed to blitz fat…

Warm up: 

  • 60s power walking on the spot
  • 60s jogging on the spot
  • 60s star jumps
  • 60s swinging both arms in BIG circles (30s forward, 30s backwards)

Fat Blitz Workout: 

  1. Static glute bridge
  2. Wide Grip Push ups
  3. One legged glute raise
  4. Standing DB curls
  5. DB RDL
  6. Dumbell skull crushers
  7. Squat
  8. DB Side raises
  • Beginners: 45s of each exercise, working down the order 1-8, then rest 60s and then go all over again for 1 more round
  • Intermediate: 60s of each exercise, working down the order 1-8, then rest 45s and then go all over again for 1-2 more rounds
  • Advanced: 60s of each exercise, working down the order 1-8, then rest 30s and then go all over again for 2-3 more rounds
  • Athlete: 60s of each exercise, working down the order 1-8, then rest 15s and then go all over again for 3-4 more rounds

Cool Down: 

  • 5-10 minute static stretch