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Garmin Smartwatches: Perfect for Fitness…

Garmin Smartwatches: Perfect for Fitness | LEP Fitness

Over the last 30 years, Garmin has been known to make devices for the automotive, aviation and marine industries. It however recently began to delve into the fitness industry and has so far been recognized for notable success. Garmin watches for fitness has the best collection of watches, which makes it difficult to have a favorite. However, Garmin has wristwatches for every fitness level or activity preference, to avoid you buying a watch with loads of features that you may never need. 

5 Things You Should Know About the Garmin Watch…

1. Comfortable to Wear

Although rugged, it is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear. It also has outstanding durability with a fiber-reinforced polymer casing resistant to scratching and a chemically-strengthened glass protecting the screen. Also worthy of note is the ability to read the screen in the sunlight and at night, making it the perfect watch to wear regardless of the time of the day.

2. Special Key Buttons

Garmin has a customizable interface on all its watches, which helps you customize your widgets and data screens while working out. The Garmin watch has the standard five-button layout and user interface; the buttons are clearly labeled and the interface is quite basic and intuitive and could help you easily navigate between screens.

3. Can be Used for Sports Tracking 

The Garmin watch has over 25 different activities for you to track, including both major ones like running, biking, swimming, and minor ones like rowing and stair-stepping. While working out, you can navigate through different screens designed for each activity. For example, while running, you would have screens for heart rate zone, pace, and distance. The hiking feature, on the other hand, would give you the option for ascent and vertical speed. 

4. Health and Wellness Benefits

While the Garmin watch is known to be a fitness tracker, it can also be used to cover major health and wellness metrics. This includes sleep tracking, step counting, calorie-burning, and stair climbing. It also helps you see how your workouts and calorie intake align, which makes you know if you are getting the daily number of calories needed and if you are gradually losing weight. 

It has stress tracking, with a relaxing breathing session to help lower your stress levels and a move alert that reminds you to get active if you have been sitting for a while.

Additional benefits of this watch include being able to set your fitness goals and determine your daily progress as you work towards them. It also helps you to be accountable and serves as a daily motivation to keep pushing.

Some General Advantages of Smartwatches 

  • They are not limited to timetelling only
  • They are useful travel buddies
  • They are perfect for workouts
  • They make finding your phone and keys easier
  • They can track your daily activity
  • They are wearable entertainment
  • They help you stay connected


Garmin watches come in the best form in different kinds, and the best way to choose should be based on your current fitness and activity level, to ensure you are getting all the benefits available.