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Get A Full Diary Of Personal Training Clients With These 7 Simple Steps…

Get A Full Diary Of Personal Training Clients With These 7 Simple Steps | LEP Fitness

Are you a personal trainer who’s tired of being broke?

Are you always wondering when your next client will appear?

Don’t worry if you said YES, so are most PTs. Most go out of business or give up after less than one year in the industry!

I don’t want this to be you.

You’re a good coach… otherwise, you wouldn’t be spending your valuable time reading this post. You’ve also probably invested thousands of pounds to get qualified? So don’t throw it all away.

With the right support and a solid plan of action, I’m extremely confident that you can get a full diary of clients in 3-12 months. 

You Could Be Earning £30-80k A Year!

How would that make you feel? Knowing you can comfortably pay the rent, eat out at nice restaurants, and lead the quality of life that you want and deserve? 

Well, with the right help, you can. 

I’ve been where you are now and have learned valuable lessons that I’d like to share with you. I want to help speed up your progress and prevent you from making the same mistakes that I made! 

Let’s jump in!

Get A Full Diary Of Personal Training Clients With These 7 Steps

Factors that influence how much you can charge as a personal trainer

In my opinion, building a successful personal training business comes down to the following 7 things:

1. Experience 

Getting as many sessions under your belt as possible, even if that means giving away free sessions. The more experience you can get under your belt, the better coach you’ll become. 

In popular books, such as Bounce (Matthew Syed), and The Talent Code (Daniel Coyle) it’s been said that 10,000 hours worth of practice is required to become an expert. The aim for you as a coach then is to complete 10,000 x 1-1 personal raining sessions as quickly as possible.  

10,000 hours could be broken down into:

  • 19.25 personal training sessions per week for 10 years.
  • 38.5 personal training sessions per week for 5 years.

Either way, it’s going to take you time! BUT be patient and put in the work. 

2. Knowing Your Target Audience 

 Knowing Your Target Audience personal trainers

If I asked you to write down your ideal customer, would you know who that is? Or are you happy to take on anybody as long as they are willing to pay you money? 

To build a successful personal training business, you need to know your target audience and be able to answer the following questions: 

  • Do you work with men or women (or both?)
  • Do you specialise in fat loss or muscle building? Or something else? 
  • What’s the age range of your target audience? 
  • Where do they hang out in real life, and what about online? 
  • What language do you need to use to grab their attention?
  • What problems do they have, and how can you solve them? 

These are all questions you should be able to answer at the drop of a hat! If you can’t do this, then take some time out and gain clarity by answering the above questions. 

3. Being Super Passionate 

To become a successful coach and get a full diary of clients, you have to love what you do! You want people to be drawn to you because of your high energy and enthusiasm. 

Are you always delivering high-quality sessions? Or one day are you full of energy, BUT then the next day… flat and a completely different trainer? 

You’ve got to be on it and all of the time! Especially while on the gym floor! You can’t afford to have a bad day, that’s unless you want other personal trainers to come in and swoop up your clients? 

4. Constant and Never-Ending Learning 

10 Life Changing Books That Every Personal Trainer Must Read

Your learning shouldn’t stop just because you’ve achieved your PT qualification. This is just the beginning! 

To become a successful personal trainer, you’ve got to be reading books, attending courses, and have your own private business mentor – if you’d like me to mentor you, please get in touch, and we can arrange a free Skype call. 

You need to be spending 30 minutes every day working on your self-development. You can do this by reading – check out my 10 favourite books for personal trainers

If you’re more of a listener, then why not download a bunch of podcasts? Here are 5 of the best podcasts for personal trainers. The more you grow, the more your business grows.  

5. Social Proof 

On your Instagram profile, you say that you’re a BODY TRANSFORMATION coach, BUT do you have results to back that up? 

Do you have before and after pictures? 

What about written or video testimonials? 

“BUT Nick, I’m just starting out! I haven’t had time to get results?” 

What you need to do then is set yourself a target to achieve 5-10 amazing transformations over the next 6-12 months, while at the same time collecting 10-20 written testimonials from your clients. Then keep building both up and up! In 2-3 years time, you should have a portfolio of at least 20-30 impressive results, and 50+ testimonials. 

6. Understanding Marketing

9 Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Subscriptions to Your Fitness Website

Do you know how to advertise, write gripping content, build relationships, and convert leads into paying clients? 

If you said NO, then you need to spend time each week developing your marketing skills. 

The most popular personal trainers are highly skilled at marketing. If you can’t market yourself correctly, you’ll lose customers to other coaches (who aren’t as good as you!) BUT know how to market themselves. 

I’d recommend reading the book, Book Yourself Solid. Also, anything by Seth Godin is usually gold dust! 

7. Delivering A 5-Star Service 

Even if you’re working in a commercial gym, you can still provide a high level of service. 

  • How do you greet each of your clients? Is it with a smile? 
  • Do you wear a professional uniform? Or some scruffy old tracksuit! 
  • Do you pass your clients the weights? 
  • How about having a professional workout program printed out or using an iPad? Your presentation is key. 
  • Do you contact your clients outside of sessions, always checking up on them and answering questions they have? 

You should be doing all of the above and more!

If you want to get fully booked up, then get everyone in your area talking about you and the level of service you provide. Back that up with results, and you’ll be the most successful personal trainer in your area! 

Now Go And Put In The Work!

Invest time each week, working on the 7 things I’ve mentioned above, and people will be lining up to work with you.

If you’d like some more help achieving the above and want a step by step formula, then I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of my ebook – The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Personal Training Business. If you follow my advice, you’ll be fully booked up in no time

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