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Get The Best From Your Personal Training Experience


Having a personal trainer has become a fashion accessory, everybody seems to want one.

But how many people like the idea of having a PT to brag to friends?

And how many actually want a personal trainer to help them achieve results?

15,000 New PTs enter the industry each year! That’s a lot of Personal Trainers.

There’s an abundance of trainers in the industry who are failing to get results with their clients. In this article I will explain . . . How To Get The Best From Your Personal Training Experience so you actually achieve the results you want and are paying for.

1) Do Your Research

Get the most out of your personal training experience - LEP fITNESS

Would you go on a blind date? You have no idea what the person looks like, and know absolutely nothing about them. Would you go on the date? I wouldn’t. Could be a serial killer for all you know!

I see this when people select trainers all the time. They think just because the person advertises themselves as a personal trainer, then it means that they are capable of getting them results. Like any profession there are different calibre’s of trainers, with different levels of experience, and areas of expertise. Make-sure you do your research before selecting a trainer by …

  • Select a trainer that specialises in the area you are looking for : fatloss, body composition, sports specific, flexibility, etc, etc
  • Does this coach have a good reputation? Yes/No What do people have to say about them?
  • Do they have positive testimonials from clients?
  • Do they get results? ? ?

I mean would you be happy to gamble £600 pounds (which you can’t afford) on black jack? Then why would you gamble your money on a personal trainer having undertaken barely any research?

2) Do you like your Trainer?

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It’s a bit like moving into a home with a partner that you can’t stand. You are going to have a miserable time. It’s important that you ask yourself questions such as : do I like this trainer? Can I get along with them? Are they approachable? Do I feel comfortable in front of them?

You could be working with your coach for a long time so chose somebody that you like and respect or the relationship is doomed from the start.

3) Ask Intelligent questions

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If you have done your research properly and selected the right coach then use them, tap into their knowledge database, ask intelligent questions : what does this exercise do? Why are we doing so and so? How can I learn more about this? What good books, videos, and articles are there that I can view?

Far too many people are afraid to ask their coach for extra help in fear of coming across stupid or becoming a nuisance. When in actual fact your coach will respect you and feel honoured to share his/her knowledge.

Obviously don’t be a client that constantly txts at each meal asking. . . can I have this? Is this okay? What time do I need to go to bed? Lol. Pick a time in the session such as the warm up or cool down and ask your questions then.

LEP Fitness has a weekly check in service where clients can ask questions, and provide weekly updates about their fitness and nutrition. Communication is key in any relationship and cultivating a relationship with you personal trainer is arguably the most important key to your success.

Also . . .

What happens if your trainer leaves? Or you move out of town?

That’s another reason why you need to learn about what you are doing, so you can take away the golden nuggets of information and use them forever more.

4) DO What Your Coach Tells You To Do 


Now I don’t want to come across as Military here but you are paying your coach because you trust their expertise. You are paying them because they know more about this particular subject then you do. If you feel you know better, then do it yourself.

A lot of people will also change the plan. . . oh I know I will change X Y and Z but do this and do that. It’s like selective hearing, you only chose what you want to hear. This again is doomed for failure. It’s like taking 2 x separate 1,000 piece jigsaws, then mixing them together and then trying to put together a 1 piece picture. It will not work.

If you are finding the plan difficult then communicate it to your coach but don’t change it by yourself and expect miracles. Remember chances are if you have selected the right coach, they will know best. That’s why you hired them?

5) Eliminate the Word . . .Budget! From your Vocabulary

Get the most from your pt trainer with this fitness blog
Can I spend less on a trainer? Less on food? Less time with my PT?

Yes, but at a cost!

Budget can mean ‘average’ & ‘not a priority’ and can cause you to fail. Put into perspective, not just with weight loss or muscle building but just generally expecting too much and not being prepared to do what is necessary.

When you say budget you are automatically placing a limitation on your results immediately. How many of you go on a night out and place the word ‘Budget’ in front? How many go to a restaurant and place the word budget in front? Takeaways? Clothes? Etc, etc.

You simply cannot place the word ‘Budget’ in front of you when it comes to being in the best shape of your life! This doesn’t mean that you can’t look for ways to save money i.e. buying in bulk, offers, etc. However when most people use the the word budget, they are looking at the costs against the quality of results they are looking to achieve.

cheap personal training

If you hire a cheap trainer, then more often than not your results will be poor or mediocre at best. People who want to achieve amazing results do not place ‘Budget’ in front of what they want to achieve. You may think these people have a tree that grows money! They don’t! For them it’s just simply a MUST priority.

Hiring a great coach is an expensive investment, but it’s an investment that could completely transform you both in body and spirit. The benefits I have witnessed are plentiful, your work will improve, your relationships will grow stronger, higher quality sleep, to name but a few life changing benefits.

If your looking for fantastic results and go for a budget personal trainer chances are it’s not going to happen. Would you pay £100 for plastic surgery??? Pick a personal training coach with vast experience, a coach who is totally passionate, willing to help and has achieved considerable results with the clients that he/she has worked with, A coach who has gone through what your about to experience and can help guide and support you.

The results you want and money that needs to be spent are highly correlated, so don’t place budget in front of the results you want, make it a priority and expect to make an investment.

6) Mindset

the right mindet for personal training

Holy cr*p balls! This is No1 for me. You could have Arnold Schwarzenegger as your trainer and own the best gym in the world, but if your hearts not in to win it then . . .

You have to make-sure you are ready to make the changes necessary for transformation. Of course you don’t do it all at once, but a good understanding of what lays ahead is a must. Whenever I meet with a new client, and we have gone through questioning, etc I try my best to lay out what their journey will look like in phases. Some clients are put off, some slightly apprehensive and some up for the challenge. I think honesty wins every time and you as the client has to be aware of what is install. If I told you I had a magic wand and a magic lamp would you believe me? Honesty and managing expectation is absolutely essential.

There we have it. I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned a thing or two about . . . Get The Best From Your Personal Training Experience . If you have any questions please leave your comments below, and either share (to benefit others) or Like (if you learned something cool).

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Look forward to helping you,

Nick Screeton - LEP Fitness - Sheffield Personal Trainer

Nick Screeton