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Get ‘SMART’ about fitness…

Get SMART about fitness

Most of us would like to improve our fitness, health, physique or general wellbeing in some way. Often we have a vague, nagging intent to improve, but it is tiring rather than motivating. This is because intent without a plan is a drain – it is another thing at the bottom of our to-do list. Add a realistic action plan into the mix and it can easily be transformed into reality.

SMART action plans are popular. This is because they are effective and the SMART strategy can be applied to so many things, not least fitness and health. There are variations on the SMART acronym, but the following is a useful way to apply it to fitness and health goals.

S is for Specific

Aiming to ‘get fit’ or planning to ‘be healthy’ are not goals – they are vague intents. Being specific means breaking the intent down to a few key goals, such as ‘I will run every second day’ or ‘I will take part in this swimming competition’.

M is for Measurement

‘What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done’ is not just boardroom trope! You need to keep track of your movement towards your goals to stay motivated. This could mean using an online personal trainer or app to register achievements or just totting down the numbers.

A is for Attainable

Setting a goal that is too stretching and is highly unlikely to be achieved will solely act as a de-motivator. You need to push yourself, but don’t be too extreme. This is a very personal thing as everyone has their own limits. A personal trainer can help to assess your actual fitness levels and look at what is realistic.

R is for Relevant

Make it relevant to you. Don’t be swayed by popular trends, or friends and family – their goals may be out of kilter with yours.

T is for Timed

Put a time schedule on your plan. This makes it more specific and easier to measure. It helps to have an end date for your goal, and to break this down to ‘checking’ times along the way.

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