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Getting to know five historic running shoe models…

Getting to know five historic running shoe models

Running shoes have a whole new meaning now than when they were first created decades ago. The majority of the population today use and wear running shoes mostly for casual and/or fashionable wear. But many years ago, running sneakers were actually used for just that, running!

That said, there have been many running models that have become historical over time in their own unique way. Today with the help of SportsDomainLAB we take a look at five of the most historical running models from some of your favourite brands. 

New Balance 574 

New Balance 574 for running

Making its debut back in 1988, this running sneaker proved to be extremely popular over the years thanks in large part to its price and its variable width sizing. Those two factors made it appealing to a very large audience. Coming in your choice of leather, suede or mesh, each pair came equipped with a cushioning core of EVA that’s encapsulated with a PU shell. So not only was the shoe affordable, customisable and stylish, they also provided you with exceptional stability and dispersed shock quite well. 

Nike Waffle Trainer 

Nike Waffle Trainer for runners

Back in 1972, Bill Bowerman applied for a patent on “an athletic shoe suitable for use on artificial turf”. Bowerman was thinking about the Waffle Trainer when he applied for that patent. Legend has it that the sole’s design was inspired by Bowerman’s wife’s waffle iron which Bill ruined while using it to form the Nike Waffle Trainer’s experimental rubber soles. The shoe patent was received in 1974 and Nike began producing the “waffle” trainers the very same year.

Nike Air Max 1 

Nike Air Max 1 for runners

As legendary as it gets. Known for being the first ever Nike model to utilize Nike Air Max technology, the Nike Air Max 1 managed to stand out due to its Nike Air Max cushioning unit being on full display on the rear portion of the midsole. The sneaker world had never seen anything like it. The Nike Air Max 1 was such a success, that it opened doors to forthcoming classic Air Max models such as the Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Max 93 and basically all of your favorite Air Max models off all time. 

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico for running

Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan, tracing its history back to the formation of Onitsuka Co Ltd in 1949. The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico model was the first shoe in the range to feature the tiger stripes on the side panels. The purpose of the tiger stripes on the upper not only served for aesthetic purposes, they were specifically designed to add support to the foot while running. The lightweight leather upper made it ideal for sprinting. As a matter of fact, it was endorsed by the Japanese athletics team at the 1968 Olympic games. 

adidas Ultra Boost 

adidas Ultra Boost for running

The last pair from this list of runner is also the only modern day release. Although less than a decade old, the adidas Ultra Boost has already managed to garner “legendary” status in the running sneaker world. adidas Boost tech is arguably one of the best cushioning technologies ever created in the history of sneakers. It is also safe to say that the adidas Ultra Boost model is the most popular adidas model to utilize said Boost tech. The quality of comfort, shock absorption and the level of energy return is exceptional. The level of comfort is really hard to explain, but imagine running on tiny little clouds, that’s what an adidas Ultra Boost feels like.