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Excuses – Let’s Hear Yours Again?

LEP Fitness - quit making excuses - sheffield personal trainer

Next time your finding it hard to make an excuse, feel free to use one of the following:

  • I don’t have enough time!
  • I have children!
  • I’m too tired!
  • I can’t afford to eat heathy food!
  • It’s too cold and dark!
  • I’ll do it tomorrow!
  • I don’t have a gym membership!


The truth is you can justify any behaviour. The reality is all the above excuses are major BS!

Your not alone…

I’ve done it before!

Truth is we need to take full responsibility for our action or inaction. Quit moaning and make some good sh*t happen.

You either want it or you don’t.

You either work for it or you don’t.

You either get results or you don’t.

You either make excuses or you take action.

Find a way…

Ask yourself this empowering question…

How can I make this happen?

It’s down to you.