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Personal Trainers : Should You Do Group Personal Training?

Group Personal training

This is something I’ve done over the years to great effect. Although my main business model is 1-1 personal training and this makes up about 75% of my coaching time, I do still perform very small group classes, which I call ‘semi private personal training’ – it’s basically personal training but with 2-4 people. 

Benefits of group personal training…

For results 1-1 coaching is always going to be the best route to take, but there are limitations to the 1-1 coaching method, for example, not everybody can afford it, and also people like training in groups (because of the social aspect). There’s a high demand for semi private personal training so it’s worth considering as a business offering. 

From a coaches perspective group personal training can be very valuable because it allows you to help more people in a single session and it can also be a great way to increase your businesses revenue. 

Let’s say for example you charge £50 for a 1-1 personal training session, with semi private coaching you could charge…

  • £60 for 2 people
  • £70 for 3 people
  • £80 for 4 people

Basically you still invest the same time each session (45-60 mins) but the more people you get the more your hourly rate increases. It’s a win for you because you earn more per hour, but it’s also a win for clients because they spend less per hour compared to your 1-1 PT rate e.g. 

  • £60 for 2 people (£30 each)
  • £70 for 3 people (£23 each)
  • £80 for 4 people (£20 each) 


One thing I will say is that be careful how many people you work with in a semi private PT class, any more than 4 people and in my opinion it becomes a group class (like one you’d find in a gym) – and if anything the quality and price will need to drop. So I would advise no more than 4 people in a semi private session (unless you have more than one trainer i.e. one trainer per 4 people). 

If you wanted you could base your entire business model on group personal training, or instead do what I do and have a bit of both (although like I said mainly 1-1 PT for me). I know that some business run a group PT model and run 3 sessions per day – 6am, 1pm and 6pm. 

If you want Group PT to be your main business model then you could do a membership system – where clients pay each month – like a gym membership – but where each client pays for a certain number of semi private sessions. You could get them to book online in advance and close the classes when 4 people have booked in. This can be a good business model if you set it up correctly.

What I tend to do with group PT is have it as an extra to my business model i.e. a person will want to train with their partner or friend and then I’ll do a session with 2-3 people in it.

Also, If somebody can’t afford my 1-1 coaching rates I will ask if they’re interested in group PT for a lower rate, and then if they say YES I’ll try and pair them up with another person on my waiting list. This can be a great way to help more people and boost your businesses revenue. 

Setting Up Group Personal Training…

Like with the 1-1 personal training model it’s important to have rules In place and to get clients to commit to a certain number of sessions i.e. a 90 day program where they train with you 3x per week. You should also have a ‘cancellation policy’ in place i.e. 24-48hrs notice required. 

As you are relying on more people with group PT make-sure that you set up your business correctly. If 3 out of 4 of your clients don’t turn up… then you’re doing 1-1 coaching but for a lower rate! You’ve got to plan and get systems in place so that clients commit to sessions and adhere to your policies.

The group personal training model can be very effective, however it could also be a drain and cause lots of stress. It’s all about how you set it up! 

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