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Party Animal Hitting Rock Bottom…

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This time 4 years ago i’d still be in bed, probably with a throbbing headache, stinking of stale vodka. My mind like my morning hair was an epic jumble of mess.

I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I developed asthma and nearly died. I hit rock bottom.

A common thought… ‘Was life worth living?’ reared it’s ugly head voraciously.

I didn’t realise at the time but I was depressed. I had little direction, had 0 understanding of my emotions and was largely a waste of oxygen.

I came to a cross road in my life, it was ‘make or break’. I was to either continue down a path of self destruction or to try and pick myself up…


I made the decision to turn my life around, i’d had enough. The pain of staying the same, or thought of deteriorating further scared the cr*p out me.

I started reading books, studying successful people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and others a like. I read books on psychology, self development, mindset, and philosophy.

They completely transformed my life. It wasn’t an overnight thing, it was a process and continues to be a process, a never ending journey of self discovery. Here’s ‘My 5 Favourite Books‘ and what I learned from them.

To this day I continue to invest in my self. I figured out I’ve spent £60,000 on my fitness, health and mindset education (you can read the full story here… ‘Spending £60,000 To Become The Very Best Version Of Me‘)

Growth Mindset…

Something that’s helped me enormously is discovering a concept called the ‘Growth Mindset’. I learned this from reading Carol Dweck’s book – Mindset : How You Can Fulfil Your Potential‘. It’s a must read for anyone looking to be a better version of themselves.

The concept is clear…

There are 2 types of mindset… ‘Fixed’ and ‘Growth’

A person with a fixed mindset eliminates the possibility of alternatives for example: I can’t lose weight, i’m naturally fat. A person with a growth mindset asks empowering questions such as: how can I make this happen? what can I do to lose fat? It sounds simple but the concept is beautiful.

We all have the power to change our current situation, by exploring what we can do instead of what we can’t we make way for transformation.

Moral Of The Story…

It doesn’t matter what your current situation is, whether your obese, unfit, depressed, lacking in confidence, scared, whatever it may be. You have the power to change.

It’s not always going to be easy, your going to have good and bad days and days when you feel like giving up. I still have these days but you learn to cope more effectively the more you learn and the more you practice.

You have to be willing to take new actions to get better results.

“If you’ve done what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”

Or as Einstein says…


If your unhappy with a specific aspect of your life, or life in general quit moaning, quit making excuses. Excuses don’t lead to change. Take accountability for your own actions and know that you have the power to change for the better.

Finally take immediate action, strike whilst the iron is hot and remember…


‘Good Luck’ and ‘Thank You’ so much for reading…

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