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If you want something badly enough you’ll get it.

The other day I did 10 PT sessions, went on a run, wrote a blog and read a business book for 1 hour. I woke up at 5.45am and other than lunch I worked non stop until 10pm.


Because I want to help people get fit.

I want to grow my business. 

I want to be fit and healthy.

I want to learn and grow.

I want to provide a good life for my family.

I want to be able to buy my son football boots, pay for school trips, private coaching, tutoring, and things that will help him in the future. 

My reasons for doing it far outweigh my reasons for not doing it.

I’ll do whatever it takes. 

If I have to get up at 3am I’ll do it. 

If I have to face fears I’ll face them head on. 

If I fail…I’ll get back up and go again. And again. And again!

You hear so many people…

“I haven’t got time” 

“I can’t afford it”

“I don’t have the energy”

Etc etc.

It’s simple…

You just don’t want it badly enough. If you did you’d be looking for solutions not problems.

Be honest with yourself.

Figure out what you want and make it happen.

Don’t get me wrong it won’t be easy.

You’ll have to change your plan at times. 

You’ll have bad days.

There will be days when you want to quit.

You’ll have people judge you.

Friends and family will comment and let their opinions be known.

BUT if you want it.

It’s yours for the taking.

Make a promise from this day forth to eradicate excuses going forward and turn your dreams into reality.

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Nick 🙂