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HIIT And Beyond: 5 Workouts To Shake Up Your Routine

HIIT And Beyond: 5 Workouts To Shake Up Your Routine

It’s undeniable that there’ll be days when you just won’t feel like going to the gym to work out. Once you get used to your fitness routine, you may start to feel bored doing it. There’s also a chance that you’ll stop improving once your body gets used to the exercises you do.  

You don’t want to get stuck on a fitness plateau, especially when you’re trying to achieve your goal weight. Mixing up your workout routine is an effective way for you to challenge your muscles continuously. If you’re looking for the next fitness trend to try out, then here are five that might suit your preferences:  

1. High-Intensity Interval Training  

You should consider exercise as an extension of your healthy lifestyle instead of a burden you’re dreading to do every day. Once exercise becomes a normal part of your daily routine, you’ll find it easier to squeeze it into your schedule, even during a busy day.  

Of course, if you want to keep getting stronger, you should try mixing up your regular fitness regimen. You can’t continue doing the same routine and expect to see changes in your body. After some time, you need to switch up your exercises to ensure that your muscles will get stronger.  

One effective workout you can do to increase your fitness regimen’s intensity is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This form of exercise takes advantage of short bursts of energy and allows your body to burn fat and build muscle. An HIIT routine usually consists of short rests in between rigorous sets of workouts and lasts for no more than 20 minutes.  

The advantage of adding an HIIT set in your gym session is that you don’t need an expert to guide you. Most people who want to burn extra calories are using apps for working out, including a timer and a list of movements that target specific parts of the body. If you want to push your limits and end your workouts on a high note, then consider adding an HIIT routine to your fitness regimen.  

2. Boxing  

Spicing up your workout routine doesn’t mean you should shy away from more dynamic exercises. Even if you’re not an experienced athlete, you can try out sports like jiujitsu or boxing to spice up your fitness regimen. 

Boxing is a good full-body activity that can help improve your strength in both your upper and lower body. It’s also a good way to relieve the stress you’ve bottled up due to your busy lifestyle while burning some calories. 

You can look for gyms that offer a boxing class for beginners if you want to see if this workout is the right fit for you. It’ll be challenging at first, but once you learn the proper form and technique, you’ll find it easier to complete your sessions. You’ll also see a great improvement in your strength and muscle definition if you make boxing a regular part of your workouts.  

3. Jumping Rope  

One common struggle that people face when trying to lose weight is not burning enough calories. Of course, your diet plays a part in your daily calorie consumption, but if you don’t clock in your workouts, you’ll find it more challenging to shed some pounds.  

If you want to burn calories while improving your cardiovascular performance, then try jumping rope. It’s one of the most effective exercises to do if you’re going to work out multiple parts of your body while burning a lot of calories in a short amount of time.  

This type of exercise targets your core, arms, and legs, making it a good strengthening and cardio exercise to add to your fitness routine. You’ll also burn a lot more calories jumping rope for 30 minutes than jogging or cycling.  

It’s easy to get your hands on a good jump rope, and you can bring it anywhere you go. If you’re always traveling or have limited space to exercise, then consider switching your regular workouts with a jump rope routine instead.  

4. Yoga  

If you’re unfamiliar with yoga, you may assume that it’s not challenging and primarily consists of meditation rather than physical movements. However, there are many forms of yoga, like Bikram, that are challenging even for a person who’s active.  

This form of exercise is an excellent method to strengthen your core while also training your mind to concentrate. It’s also focused on improving your flexibility and using your body weight to train your muscles.  

Other forms, like aerial yoga, can suit you if you’re the type to go for more adventurous exercises. You’ll significantly improve your overall physical performance if you add yoga into your weekly workout routine. You may even appreciate the benefits of meditation and yoga to your overall health and concentration.  

5. Pilates  

Not all people who wish to get fit have a good physique, limiting their choices when picking an effective workout. Of course, your physical condition shouldn’t hinder you from improving your health through exercise. 

If you have weak muscles or joints, then it’s best that you go for an effective fitness routine that doesn’t put much strain on your body. Low impact exercises such as Pilates can be an excellent alternative to the normal strenuous activities you know of. You shouldn’t underestimate the benefits you can reap with Pilates workouts. Although most movements you’ll perform during a session is controlled and precise, you’ll still get a good sweat as this physical activity targets your muscles, especially your core.  

You can try this out if you want to change your fitness regimen and focus on developing your flexibility and abdominal strength.  

Final Thoughts  

It can be challenging to find a workout that’ll help you tone your body and strengthen your muscles, especially when you’re not new to working out. Once you get accustomed to exercising regularly, you’ll start to see that your body will no longer feel strained even after a long day at the gym.  

When this happens, it helps to switch up your routine to keep improving your body. There are many workouts you can incorporate into your fitness regimen to train your muscles. Activities like yoga or boxing are good alternatives you can try the next time you’re wondering what you can do to have a fun workout.