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How Dieting Can Help You To Achieve Your Dream Body Transformation…

How Dieting Can Help You To Achieve Your Dream Body Transformation

Having a workout program is one part of the puzzle (and a very important part!). You’ve got to spend time in the gym, lifting weights, and performing a mixture of cardio (HIIT and LISS training). That said, the other part of the equation, which is extremely important is ‘diet’. There’s a saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” and it couldn’t be truer! In order to get the best results and achieve a ‘head turning body transformation’ – you must combine both diet and exercise with the utmost discipline.

It’s Always Good to Come Prepared

The good thing about transforming your body shape, is that it’s a guarantee, you have complete control. If you stick to your exercise routine, and follow your diet plan 100%, you will get results! It’s not like the weather, or the economy (which are both totally out of your hands!). Instead, if you get your preparation correct, and follow through, you are guaranteed to achieve an impressive outcome – for example a 6 pack, or lean athletic beach body.

Preparation comes in many forms. For one it’s important to hire a personal trainer – a professional who really knows what they’re doing. A good personal trainer will put together your workout program for you, and also help you with your diet, by providing a custom meal plan, which contains a suitable number of calories to lose body fat, and build lean muscle simultaneously. Your personal trainer will also help you establish the perfect ration between protein, fats, and carbs – so that you have plenty of energy and nutrients to train hard… but not too many calories that you gain fat.

One of the best diets that you can go on when trying to transform your body shape (lose fat and build muscle) is the Paleo diet. This diet is simple to follow, and contains natural foods, which are full of nutrients, and minerals. I know that keeping track every day of all these rules can be tiring, and you are more likely to give up midweek, especially if you don’t prepare your meals for the week beforehand. Meal delivery services are the best option for people who want to eat healthily but they are either not very fond of cooking, or don’t have enough time to spare.

It’s Not Just a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle

Low-carb diets are great for losing a lot of weight in a short period of time, but sticking to a strict diet is tiring and when you stop it, it’s inevitable to gain back all of the weight you lost (sometimes gaining even more weight!). That’s why making it a ‘lifestyle’ will not only help you to reach your desired body shape, but it will impact your health positively, and eventually become an ingrained habit – where you’ll be used to it, and you’ll be able to maintain your results forever more.

Working out is great for your health, but if you don’t combine it with healthy eating, it’s not going to get you the body you want. In order to lose weight and reach your desired body shape, you need to consume fewer calories than the amount you are burning. You also need to compensate for the caloric deficit you are in with healthy calories to avoid starvation, cravings, and low energy levels. Being mindful about the food we consume, eating slowly, consuming fewer carbs, and drinking lots of water will increase your metabolism, reduce your body fat and BMI, tone your body, and helps you in developing lean muscles.

Diet is KEY!