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The picture on the left was taken yesterday, playing in the paddling pool with Noah 🙂

I didn’t go to the gym that day, my body and muscles are relaxed, Theres some water retention and inflammation from eating pizza the night before (and plenty of chocolate! don’t judge! lol!)

The picture on the right is me this morning (less than 24hrs since the paddling pool pic). I’ve just done a 60 minute gym session, my muscles are pumped up, inflammation has gone down from eating better, and I’ve created an angle that makes my body look leaner and bigger. Throw in a flattering filter and better lighting and my body looks much better! 

What’s the point in telling us this Nick? 

The point is that most people reading this will have some sort of bodily hang up, whether that’s being overweight, or underweight. Maybe you don’t like your stomach or arms? 

The problem is that we live in a ‘filtered world’ – we tune into our social media and see all of these gorgeous looking models, with bronzed bikini bodies, a sculpted midsection, and teeth whiter than Simon Cowells 

Let me tell you this…

95% of the people you look upto on social media don’t actually look that way most of the time. 

But because all you are seeing is perfect images, the best angles, photo shop, etc you are lead to believe they do look that good all of the time! 

I remember about 5 years going to ‘Body Expo’ which is basically an event where loads of good looking guys and girls prance about with their tops off (obvs the women don’t have tops off! lol). They showcase their physiques and sell plastic tubs of protein. It’s basically an ego, selling fest! 

I remember going to that event and…

1) being disappointed that the people I looked up to didn’t look as good in real life as they did on social media 


2) relieved – because what I was comparing myself to back then was an illusion! 

Before beating yourself up for not looking good enough take a moment to recognise social media for what it is. It’s basically a highlight real of the best bits of people’s lives. 

I thought it would be refreshing to do an honest post. I feel the world  would be a better place if more people posted honesty rather than perfection. 

You are perfect the way you are. By all means strive to improve your physique and look better but don’t compare yourself to airbrushed celebs and don’t base your identity on image alone.

Sending my love to those of you with body hang ups! I know the feeling 😘