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How Much Could You Earn as a Personal Trainer?


How Much Could You Earn as a Personal Trainer? 

How Much Could You Earn as a Personal Trainer?

The big problem with work is that for most of us, most of the time, it feels exactly like that – work. Something we do to keep the roof over our heads, to afford us the little luxuries in life which make everything worthwhile and to give us something that means rolling out of bed in the morning isn’t quite as painful as it could be.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end for countless people across the world. The daily grind slowly but surely robs us of the enthusiasm and the optimism that we went into the job with. It’s never easy to leave your current job, the fear of the unknown makes sure of that, but what if you could do a job that you love? A job that not only rewards you for your endeavour, but plays into your strengths and grows alongside you?

We speak, of course, about becoming a personal trainer. Physical fitness isn’t exactly a passing trend, but it’s never been as popular as it is right now. Social media is awash with a new breed of fitness celebrities and a spate of fitness minded blogs have inspired a new wave of gym going die-hards ready to do what it takes to return to peak physical fitness.

Interesting Stats…

In the UK, that’s meant that gym membership is the highest it’s ever been, posting a 5.3% rise in total membership, exceeding 9 million for the first time in 2016. For aspiring personal trainers, that means an eager and exciting market to help guide to physical fitness, but how much can you earn along the way?

In a new infographic (found below), we’ve pulled together some of the vital earning statistics which you can expect if you become a personal trainer. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Personal trainers can earn up to £58 per hour – £58 per hour is something that many people dream about, but for experienced and qualified personal trainers, that’s what you can expect to earn. Even inexperienced personal trainers enjoy £20 an hour rates, all for doing something which brings them joy.
  • Augmenting your skillset pays dividends – With an average salary of £21,000 per annum for a personal trainer, augmenting your skillset can really enhance your earnings. More and more, combining your personal training qualifications with sports nutrition knowledge, weight management skills and a background in nutrition is the key to earning significantly larger sums – over 51% more than average if you’ve got a nutrition background.
  • Gym employees can earn up to £31,000 per year – The beauty of being a personal trainer is the freedom it affords you to work your own hours and discover your own clients, but if you prefer a more regimented structure and steady supply of clients, working directly for a gym can yield a handsome early salary.

Of course, that’s merely scratching the surface of what our infographic covers, so don’t delay – find out what you could earn as a personal trainer now!