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How Personal Trainers Can Generate 5x More Enquiries Using Facebook Advertising…


Personal Trainers are using Facebook to generate new customers, don’t miss out…

How Personal Trainers Can Generate 5x More Enquiries Using Facebook Advertising...

If you are a personal trainer and are looking to generate more leads through Facebook then you are going to want to tune into this post! Let’s dive straight in…

Who’s Your Target Audience?

How Personal Trainers Can Generate 5x More Enquiries Using Facebook Advertising...

Setting your target audience is the most fundamental aspect of any marketing campaign, yet it’s frequently overlooked by many personal trainers across the U.K.

So how do you decide who your target audience is?

Simple – first answer these questions and write down your answers…

  • How old is my ideal customer? E.g. 20-28
  • Is my ideal customer male or female? Shouldn’t need an example here! 
  • Where is your ideal client based? Don’t try and spread your wings too far! 
  • What is the occupation of your ideal customer? E.g. are they a student? Are they an executive? 
  • What is the average income of your ideal client? E.g. 35k-45k a year. 

Write down the answer to each question and then you should have a pretty clear picture of your target audience. 

I’ve got my target audience sorted, what do I do now?

Next, you must start thinking about helping your target audience by sharing valuable content. Here is a formula that you can immediately implement for your PT business: 

80% Give 20% Offer.

This formula is the perfect recipe for success on Facebook for Personal trainers. Gary Vaynerchuk famously depicts… “Jab jab jab jab, right hook” or in other words “give give give give, OFFER”.

The No.1 rule, according to successful social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is…Do not try and sell to a customer straight away, you must first provide lots of value to your customer e.g  in the form of content. When you provide value, you build up positive equity with your audience and overtime this establishes trust and potentially new business.

Giving is subjective- what one personal trainer might see as valuable another will not, and that’s ok. You must distinguish what information is valuable to your clients; this is the type of information that you have to start posting immediately. If you are training people for long distance marathons then post a video showing key stretches before a training run.

Just Get Started…

First of all, start NOW! Don’t wait until you have crafted the ‘perfect marketing plan’! Being good with social media means being innovative, and often means thinking on your feet.

Whilst a marketing plan is still incredibly beneficial to optimise Facebook marketing, it doesn’t stop you from starting NOW! FB advertising was built for small and medium companies like yours, with an engine that can also power large corporations!

Ok, I’m ready to go! but what the heck do I post? 

First of all, grab a pen and paper (old school style!) and write down the goal you hope to achieve e.g. I want to generate 10 new enquiries for my fat loss personal training program in the next month. Then think about the topics that could grab your audience’s attention:

  • 5 Quick & Healthy Recipes (that you can cook in under 5 minutes!)
  • A Free Fat Loss Workout – which can be done at home
  • A Free 7 Day Diet Plan
  • Do a Live Q&A session – where people can ask you questions relating to fat loss

The aim of your FB posts are to provide value, but you also need to be able to tap into the emotions of your potential customers. You want people to see your advert and then click on your post, encouraging users to read your blog, download your e-book or get in touch with you directly.

Tapping Into Your Customers Emotions…

Try and step into the shoes of your customer, how do they think and feel, and what will motivate them to take action and change their lives for the better. How can you relate to their situation, empathise and then provide a solution to their problem?

Going back to the fat loss example there’s a high likely hood that your customer may feel:

  • tired
  • lacking in confidence
  • frustrated
  • depressed
  • lacking in motivation

Now you have some inclination of how they may be feeling and you can now talk to them directly e.g.

Are you tired of feeling sluggish and lacking in confidence? Are you frustrated with your body shape but don’t know where to start? If so, I want to help you for FREE! Download my ‘Shed 15bs In 30 days E-book’. 

What happens when you start to post this kind of emotional content rather than just posting discounts? You will start to see a rise in engagement- this is a sign that you are on the correct path.

If you can capture and e-mail address, telephone number or generate a new Like on your FB page then you have a new lead –  somebody who could be very interested in buying from your business. The key then is to keep posting valuable content and building up positive equity with your audience so that when you make an offer they are far more likely to sign up!

Take your most compelling content and use Facebook Ad manager to promote content…

Note – take your most compelling content. This is not offers for gym gear, protein shakes or anything of that sort. All fitness related companies are already doing that, instead tell your own unique story and promote that story through Facebook advertising.

Using a unique, inspirational story will set you apart from the crowd and make people remember you. Nothing speaks to people like personal, uplifting stories and your customers will love you for it! Once you’ve settled on your target market and you’re happy with your content, going to the backend of Facebook and targeting the audience you decided earlier on will allow you to push your compelling content to the right audience, immediately!   

How To Start Your FB Ad Campaign…

We’ve talked about Target Audiences, Providing Valuable Content, and Tapping Into Emotions but how do we set all of this up on Facebook? Here’s a brilliant video guide below…

This article was written by Farouk Forster (owner of Primecool Media)

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