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How Personal Trainers Can Provide Quality Customer Service

When you work in a role like personal training, you understand just how important providing good customer service is. If you’re not able to offer your customers the quality of customer service that they are after, you will lose them – it’s as simple as that!

What this means is that as a Personal trainer, you need to understand what it takes to provide your clients with the very best levels of customer service, to make sure that they stick around. If you want to have a long-term and prosperous career in personal training, ensuring that your customers feel valued and well taken care of is crucial.

Want to wow your clients on a regular basis by offering the very best levels of customer care? Here’s how to do just that:

#1 Stay in constant contact

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A lot of new clients are nervous about the high costs of hiring a personal trainer, but they tend to feel less stressed when their trainer keeps in constant contact with them. So throughout the week between PT sessions, contacting clients to see how they are getting on can be a great idea. Whether that’s a quick text or a phone call, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you’re keeping in touch with them and checking in to see how they’re getting on.

#2 Listen

When meeting a new client, don’t just dive straight into talking about what you think they need to do and what goals they should set. First, ask them to tell you about why they want to hire a personal trainer and what their goals are. When it comes to personal goals, everyone has very different thoughts and feelings, so it’s important to take the time to listen to each client, to ensure that you’re helping them achieve what they want to achieve.

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#3 Get trained up in first aid and injury management

If you’re going to be personal training people in their homes and out and about, it’s important to get trained up in first aid and injury management. It’s also important to look into sports kits that you can carry around with you that have all the first aid equipment that you could need in them, such as bandages for strapping up a sprained ankle. It’s also a good idea to take the time to learn about injury management so that if a client has an injury, such as a strained shoulder, you know what exercises they can and cannot safely do.

#4 Be Passionate

When a client reaches a goal that they’ve set for themselves, make sure to be excited for them. To help motivate them leading up to them reaching a goal, tell them about why you’re excited for the next stage of coaching them and where you hope it will lead, such as to them being able to run that 5K race they’ve always dreamed of completing, for instance. The more passionate and excited you are about your clients’ progress, the more they will like you as they will feel as if you really care about them and their goals.

As a personal trainer, if you want to be successful it’s crucial that you offer the most amazing customer service.