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How To Beat Man Flu This Winter…


Sorry ladies but if you think giving birth is bad… try having man flu! haha!

It’s literally the worst bug of all and you’ll never ever know what it’s like!

This year has been rotten for bugs, especially this ‘Australian Flu’ or whatever they are calling it! At least 75% of the LEP clients I work with have been ill over the past 4 weeks, including myself, my fiance and my little boy Noah (big shout out for his 9 month BD today!).

In this post i’m going to give you 7 tips to help you beat the man flu (if only I knew these 4 weeks ago!)

#1 Wash Your Hands

The single best way to beat off bugs is to wash your hands thoroughly and at least 4x per day. You should thoroughly wash your hands, spending at least 15-20s each time you clean them.

# 2 Get Hot

Going in the steam room or sauna can halve your risk of picking up nasty bugs. According to Mens Health magazine, people who use the sauna at least 2x per week stand a far greater chance of beating off common colds and winter bugs.

#3 Dose Up On Vitamin C and D

One of the best ways to keep your immune system healthy is to use vitamin C and D supplements. You can also get vitamin D from sunshine (rare in the UK! lol!) or from some fish (cod, sardines, tuna)

#4 Cold Shower

Doesn’t sound very appealing does it? especially in winter! But here’s how to do it… Instead of starting with a cold shower, go for your usual hot shower but for the last 10-30s switch it to freezing cold. You may be dancing around like Michael Jackson trying to keep warm and prevent the shivers – but apparently ice-cold showers increase white cells in your blood (white cells destroy nasty invaders!).

#5 Exercise

Regularly working out can keep your immune system strong. People who don’t exercise fall ill almost twice as often as those who exercise 5x per week according to a recent US study. Cardiovascular training at least 3x per week has been shown to dramatically lower the risk of catching nasty bugs!

#6 Keep Yourself Warm

Jan/Feb have been freezing this year! Being exposed to cold temperatures can reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. So make-sure to wrap up warm when you go out. Alongside coats and wooly jumpers, simple things like gloves, a hat and scarf can do wonders for keeping your body well insulated.

#7 Get Good Quality Sleep

Less than 7 hours of good quality sleep makes you 3x more likely to pick up a cold than those getting 8 hours or more. Check out this blog post I wrote to help you get an amazing nights sleep.

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