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How To Become A Successful Athletic Trainer

How To Become A Successful Athletic Trainer | LEP Fitness

Personal trainers get a lot of job satisfaction when they see the transformation of one of their clients.

Now imagine the kind of satisfaction if you are an athletic trainer, and your clients are a sports team that are now winning more than ever!

If you started out as a personal trainer or were an athlete yourself looking to change careers, then you may love the challenge of becoming a personal fitness trainer.

How can you achieve this? Read on for some tips and information that you need to know before becoming an athletic trainer.

The education you need

If you don’t already have a degree, then you may need to go to university to get your bachelor’s. There are degrees in athletic training that cover human movement sciences, first aid and emergency care, anatomy and physiology and injury and illness prevention.

Your job entails keeping your athletes in peak performance and not just to lose a few pounds or gain some muscles like you would be doing for a client as a personal trainer. There is a lot to know, so it makes sense that you would need some specialized learning. 

You’ll also learn about all the latest technology to monitor athletes performance. Using data to analyse everything about your team’s routine from their workouts, practice, and diet are all instrumental in their success. You’ll be studying how to use the equipment and software for your degree.

Do an internship or apprenticeship

If you are connected in any way to a team already, then you may be able to get a job right out of university. If you don’t, then the likelihood is slim. 

To gain some experience before graduating, you should be doing internships. Many teams’ training staff need all the help they can get and love to use interns to fill out their staff.


Even with a degree, you will need to be certified. Many states in the US require an athletic trainer to have certification in an accredited athletic training program. Even the UK has similar requirements. 

You could also possibly need to have continuing education since many techniques and technology gets outdated. A certification may need to be refreshed, or in some cases, new ones required. 

If you are somebody who is a perpetual learner, then this is an aspect you will enjoy. 

Salary expectations

How much you can expect to make as an athletic trainer depends on many factors. If you start out working for state or local teams such as a high school or state college, then the median is around $46,000 per year in the US and £20k a year in the UK.

Fitness and recreational centers in which you don’t work for a specific team, but rather a sports facility will have you making less. Usually around $44,000 per year or £25k a year in the UK.

Working for a private, professional team varies so it is impossible to say.


If you are somebody who loves to travel, is compassionate, and is detail-oriented, then a career in athletic training could be an excellent option for you.