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How to Build a Wide Back (The V-Taper Look!)


Building the V-Taper…

How to build a wide back like a barn door written by sheffield personal trainer and fitness business owner nickeh screetoni

I see and hear a lot of guys wanting that famous ‘V-taper’ look. Not only does this look super cool, but having a strong back is essential for training function, being able to perform at a higher level like when you are swinging your taylormade driver, and improving body composition.

I also ‘heard it through the grapevine’ that the V-taper look is pretty appealing to the ladies. So if your a single guy wanting to attract the opposite sex, or a man wanting to look dapper in a suit, or just simply a guy who wants a great looking back… then your going to want to tune into this post.

What is a V-Taper? 

the v-taper look - wide back, and shoulders narrow waist

Like a King Cobra spreading it’s hood, the v-taper shape makes you look wide, strong and powerful. This look is created by having a thick set of shoulders, wide back muscles and a narrow waist. In this post i’m going to educate you on How to Build a Wide Back, so you can cultivate that aesthetically pleasing V-taper look…

1) Pull Ups

v-taper workout - how to build a big back

There’s nothing that’s going to slap on muscle for your back quite like pull ups. Pull ups are a great way to add width to your lats (latismus dorsi) – the outer muscles of the back, which are largely responsible for the wide wing v-taper look. Complete pull ups at the start of your workout when your fresh. Aim for 6-10 reps, if that’s too easy make-sure you slap on some added weight. If your a beginner and can’t manage a full pull up then start by using the assisted pull machine.

2) Heavy rows

dumbbell rows to build a big wide back - written by LEP Fitness in Sheffield

Heavy rows are a sure way to add overall thickness to your back wings! Try adding a variety of different rows into your routine. As a general rule of thumb the wider your grip on exercises the more you target the outer back, and the narrower the grip the more you target the inner. Make-sure to add plenty of rowing exercises into your routine, some of my favourites are: dumbbell rows, barbell rows and cable rows.

3) Lateral Pull Downs

lateral pull downs for a wide back - v-taper

Similar to the pull ups,  lateral pull downs will slap on some serious width to your back. I recommend using a mixture of rep ranges ranging from 8-15, all the way up to 20-25 reps per set. There are many variations of lateral pull downs, two of my favourites are the wide pull down and supinated pull down.

4) Deadlifts 

deadlifts to build a wide back

Arguably the king of all strength exercises, the deadlift! This exercise if done correctly improves power, strength and the size/width of your back. I recommend adding deadlifts at the start of your routine, or after doing pull ups, when your still relatively fresh. I’d also recommend keeping the reps low, anything from 5-8 reps per set. Make-sure you keep rest periods high, taking between 2-3 minutes rest between each set.

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