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How To Get Away With Eating More At The Weekend Whilst Still Losing Weight…

How To Get Away With Eating More At The Weekend Whilst Still Losing Weight | LEP Fitness

Do you love the weekends? I do! 

It’s a time to kick back, and relax with the family, see friends, have some nice food, a glass of wine (or two!)… and just generally enjoy some leisure time.

The only problem is…

It’s the easiest time to gain weight!

You wake up on a Monday morning, after the weekend antics, your stomach is bloated like a pregnant person, below your eyes… are puffy sacks, surrounded by dark circles…you feel groggy, tired, and then you hop on the scales…

3 lbs HEAVIER!

OMG! Distaster.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it really doesn’t have to be this way, in fact I want to explain…

How To Get Away With Eating More At The Weekend Whilst Still Losing Weight…

3 Simple Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight And What To Do About It

In this post i’ll be sharing some amazing tips, ones that will allow you to still enjoy your weekend, BUT without feeling guilty for eating treats, and more importantly… you’ll lose weight! 

As long as you do what I’m about to tell you to do!

#1 Weekend Workout 

The first thing I’d recommend doing is making sure that you workout on both Saturday and Sundays. 

Get up first thing, and go to the gym. You may feel a little tired, and try to justify why you need a lie in after a long week of work…BUT a good workout will make you feel better than a lie in…trust me.

It will wake you up for the day, and feel good hormones, such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine will surge around your blood stream faster than Usain Bolt on Red Bull! lol! You’ll feel incredible!


It will help you to burn calories, and make room for a few extra weekend treats!

In terms of what type of training to do?

Well that depends on your goals. However if weight loss is your primary goal… then hit the weights… go lift some iron! 

BONUS TIP: At the weekend I’d recommend training the full body, or at least large muscle groups. Why? Because they burn more calories, and build lean muscle (which is your weight loss friend). 

Here’s a full body TRX workout I did last weekend.. 

Aim for 10-20 reps of each exercise, and complete 3 rounds. Resting only 45-60s in between each set. 

#2 Eat Low Carb & Less During The Day At The Weekends…

Eat Low Carb & Less During The Day At The Weekends to lose weight

I love a pizza every Saturday night, and a dessert of my choice – usually something out of one of the LEP Fitness custom recipe books – last week I had this amazing, low calorie (only 204 cals!) Oreo smoothie…

BUT as pizza is high in calories, if I eat too much during the day, and then have a pizza…

Guess what?

I will gain weight! It’s not rocket science is it? 

So therefore, what I do, and recommend you do too, is to eat less during the day, to enable you to make more room in the evening for a meal of your choice.

I find that a meal of your choice in the evening is better than having one during the day, because if you eat a treat meal during the daytime, you are far more likely to have more treats in the evening, it’s some weird psychological thing I can’t even explain! Lol 

Here’s what I mean, and what I do at the weekends…

I will skip breakfast (I know I’ll make up for it later!) and I’m not going to die by not eating! lol. I only have one meal during the day at the weekend, and that’s a low carb, high fat/protein meal, for example…

  • Steak and eggs 
  • Chicken, and salad  
  • Mince and veg 

Or something along those lines!

I will consume around 600-1000 cals, and that’s it.

Then in the evening I give myself 2,000 cals as a treat. This works perfectly for me and my current goals, and I don’t gain weight because I fit things into my calorie budget. 

I also do the same on Sundays. For example this weekend, just gone, I had a chicken salad for my lunch, a roast dinner for my dinner (buffting!) and then a slice of lemon cake for dessert!

I jumped on the scales on Monday… 0.5lbs down… BOOM! 

BUT… a word of caution… and this is KEY as to why it works, so listen up…

For this type of system to work for you…you need to do….

#3 Calorie Cycling…

After a weekend of higher calories, I balance things out by…

Monday and Tuesday eating less (2,000 cals), for example I only have two meals, and they are both low carb choices.  

Then on Wednesday and Thursday I have slightly higher calories with medium carbs (2,500 cals). 

Then on Fridays I go back to low carb again (2,000 cals). 

Then at the weekends… 3,000 cals.

If you look at my calories over the week, it looks like this…

  • Monday – 2,000 cals (low carb) 
  • Tuesday – 2,000 cals (low carb)
  • Wednesday – 2,500 cals (medium carb)
  • Thursday – 2,500 cals (medium carb)
  • Friday – 2,000 cals (low carb)
  • Saturday – 3,000 cals (high carbs in the evening)
  • Sunday – 3,000 cals (high carbs in the evening)

So I eat 17,000 cals a week…

Now let’s do the maths…

17,000 cals per week divided by 7 days….

Daily average = 2,428 cals! That for me is enough for me to lose weight (approx 0.5-1lbs a week) 

This is the reason why this system works…

As long as throughout the week you are in an overall calorie deficit…

YOU will lose weight.

Your weight may fluctuate, i.e. for women during the menstrual cycle, and also when you eat carbs your body holds onto more water (but don’t confuse water weight with fat!). As long as you get the right calories for you in order to create a deficit… guess what?….you will lose weight! 

I did this method for 12 weeks straight… to get a beach body…

I had pizza every weekend, and treats during the week, BUT I kept in an overall calorie deficit and therefore dropped 14lbs…

Please excuse the Stags Y Fronts! lol! I’m a normal guy, I love food, to have a drink, and let my hair down… by partying every now and then… and if you do too… don’t let anybody stop you either!

If you want help putting this in action, so that you can shed layers of body fat and build a body that gives you both inner and outer confidence then get in touch today…

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Nick  🙂