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How To Get Fit When You Have No Time!


“I Have No Time to Workout!”… PLEASE HELP!

How To Get Fit When You Have No Time!

We live in a fast-paced society, where things are constantly going 100mph! It can sometimes feel like we are juggling more balls than we can handle. We’ve got to make the kids breakfast, drive to work, work a full day, pick up the kids from school, cook tea, and all the other stuff in between! 

Then there’s finding time to workout – surely you’re having a laugh Nick? There’s no time left! and even when there is you’re totally pooped!

168hrs in a week…

Did you there are 168 hrs in a week? When I first heard this number I couldn’t believe it… “surely there aren’t that many hrs?”… I had to do the math myself (24hrs x 7 days = 168hrs!). Even when you add up your hrs at work, sleeping, commuting and all the other stuff…there’s still a sh*t load of time left (pardon the French!). Let’s say you…

  • Work 40hrs per week
  • Sleep 8hrs per night (if you’re lucky!) = 56hrs per week
  • Commuting = 7hrs per week
  • Shower & Bathroom Activities = 2hrs per week
  • Household Chores & Laundry = 4hrs per week
  • Cooking, Eating & Drinking = 5hrs per week

Total = 114hrs 

Based on the above weekly schedule that would leave you with a whopping 54hrs left! Now I know the above example will differ, depending on the individual and numerous other factors. But if you are struggling for time, this needs to be your first port of call. Find out how long you are spending on your weekly activities.

The Average Briton Spends 24hrs a Week Watching TV!

The Average Briton Spends 24hrs a Week Watching TV!

According to the Mail Online the typical adult now watches around 24hrs of TV per week. The average Briton spends nearly a decade of their adult life watching TV! Based on this it’s pretty easy to see how you could save some time! If we dedicated even just a quarter of that time (6hrs per week) to exercise we’d be the fittest nation in the world!

Again I know that not everyone watches this amount of TV, but I’m pretty certain (99.9%!) that many of you who find it difficult to find time to work out will be spending more time in front of the TV than you think.

Instead spend 30 mins less watching TV per day and open up that time window to get fit. What’s a program that you watch every week that you could easily ditch? Mine would be Geordie Shore (lol!).

If you just love watching TV then hop on a gym bike and watch your TV soaps on there. I’ve actually seen people in the gym watching Coronation Street & Eastenders (no joke!) whilst they cycle or use the cross trainer.

But I Literally Have No Time to Workout…

Ok so if you genuinely are one of those people who has no time left, you work 80hrs a week and have more projects on the go than Richard Branson!….Then what can you do? Personally, I don’t think anybody can use this excuse. I’m sorry, It’s not that you don’t have time, you just aren’t prioritising exercise into your weekly routine.

What could you remove or cut back on to give you a 30-minute window 5x per week? If you want something badly enough you’ll make it happen, even if that means sacrificing something else.

A client sent me this powerful video the other day and I’d really encourage you to watch it, it inspired me to take action and look at the time I have each week in a new and more empowering way…

Now quit moaning about not having enough time and go and make some good sh*t happen!

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