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How to Get More Personal Training Clients by Weekly Blogging

How to Get More Personal Training Clients by Weekly Blogging | LEP Fitness

Are you looking to grow your trade as a personal trainer?

Then, you need to assume a unique marketing position if you are to become an industry leader. Maintaining your blog through WordPress or other sites is not enough.

You must incorporate other digital approaches in blogging. In today’s technological age, you do not need a lot of resources for your marketing efforts. The ACE Certified News shares some inexpensive ways to market your services. These guidelines will help you make your mark with your training business.

How to Get More Personal Training Clients by Weekly Blogging

Publish content that’s worth sharing

The content in your blog should be useful to the reader. So, take time to understand the diversity of your audience. Identifying their varying needs will help you speak their language. Thus, you will create material that appeals to them. The process is not straightforward for everyone. Often, it is a challenge for most beginners. But, one can always find help on popular essay topics from expert writers. The Institute of Personal Trainers enlightens how you can create shareable content. Some of the ways include:

  • Creating videos: Incorporating videos in your blog makes sharing easier.
  • Content syndication: Convert one content into many formats. Have video and audio transcripts.
  • Serial content: Release the content in series form.

Use Social Media and Be Consistent

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube connect you to potential clients. Also, one strengthens their relationship with their current customers.

Social media helps all businesses get clients because they have millions of subscribers. Thus, reaching more of your target market grows your influence as a personal trainer.

Also, depending on your content format, you inspire how users interact and share. Most important, be consistent in the quality and frequency of posts. An easy way to achieve consistency is through serial content. Create appealing content and release it in parts. This will keep your audience hungry for upcoming posts.

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Share Your Expertise and your secrets

Yes, lively content can reel in new clients. But, sharing your secrets and knowledge converts these customers to loyal advocates. So, if still asking how to get clients as a personal trainer, consider your personal specs. Market leaders in health and fitness have the following expertise.

  • Anatomy and Physiology knowledge
  • An understanding of nutrition and dietetics
  • Knowledge about health and safety
  • Have strong leadership and motivation skills
  • They are organized and patient

Go ahead and tell them about your journey to fitness. How did you start? How was it at first? If you had any difficulties and challenges, share with them. Also, explain how you overcame them. Tell them the type of food you eat and the activities you do. Your success story is the motivation that your clients need to get started. 

Submit Guest Posts to Other Blogs

SEO specialists say that guest posts help in building links to your website or blog. But, getting referral traffic from another popular blog is not a straightforward process.

One must ensure that the content they post as guests is of high-quality. If struggling with content creation, you can pay for writing an essay and get a premium piece. Ensure you look at the domain rating (DR) of the site you want. Writing for a blog with a higher DR score guarantees higher traffic for your trade. So, connect with other bloggers in your niche (Morgenstern, 2009).

Engage with Your Audience

As much as your content is interesting and lively, ensure you get the audience to participate. Through social networking, reply to their comments. If a person has a query, respond to them via direct messaging. Such an approach demonstrates how much you value them.

Use live chats on Instagram to respond to queries or comments from the audience. For clients commenting on your personal training blog, customize your responses. Inquire about individual needs and provide informed recommendations.

Use Call-To-Actions

You need to encourage all the visitors of your blog to take the next step. Hubspot recommends providing them with an incentive. For example, you can mention there is a bonus that goes with subscribing to your service. Incentives are different. They include discounts, certificates, exclusive access, and offers. So, as a trainer, you need to come up with incentives that apply to your niche.

Use Hashtags

Act On (2015) asserts that hashtags can double the reach of your post on social media. Thus, they are perfect tools for social media marketing. But, you must apply the right hashtag at the right time. Most people asking how to get personal training clients are using the wrong approach. Try the following when using hashtags.

  • Be brief: Try a hashtag that is six characters or less.
  • Relevance: Let your hashtag be relevant to your update
  • Memory: Use hashtags that users can remember 
  • Syntax: Don’t use spaces, or numbers only. Place a blank space before the hashtag. Use the ones that are easy to spell.
  • Context: Avoid hashtags that are likely to become a PR issue.

Offer Free PT Sessions

Offers are examples of incentives. They are an excellent way of calling your audience to action. When a personal trainer offers some of their sessions for free, they lower the barrier to entry. Also, you will make your potential clients feel less burdened. The result is having more subscribers to your service. 

The guidelines highlighted here represent the best marketing practices in the digital world. But, if it is not the best for your type of trade, you can always find expert help online. As you grow your list of clients, you may find that some of our recommendations work best for you. Some that you regarded the best may fail you. No worries. Keep tracking each strategy and what it achieves for your business. Most important, keep abreast with technological trends because they change so fast.