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How to get over the ‘intimidation factor’ of going into the gym…


Scary as Hell!

How to get over the ‘intimidation factor’ of going into the gym ... - the gym is a scary place - i hate the gym

The gym can be a seriously scary place to enter! There’s an abundance of high tech machines the size of Woolly Mammoths, and personal trainers with muscles bigger than Brussels (does that even make sense? well you know what I mean they’re hench!)

But the BIG one…People! Your surrounded by tons of people. You’ve got the guys that look like Action Man – cheek bones so sharp you’d cut your hands if you touched them, a tanned body, razor sharp serrated abs that you could grate your spaghetti bolognaise cheese on!

Then you’ve got the gym Barbies, who wear barely any clothes, have legs longer than skyscrapers, and look as though they’ve just stepped out of a Hollywood movie!

Intimidating much?

Yes, I guess i’ve laid it on a bit thick, most gym goers aren’t like this but i’m sure some of these thoughts have popped up once or twice in your own head? In reality the types above make up 0.1% of the gym goers but it’s so easy for us to lose perspective and see the gym as some evil haunted house which induces pure pain and evokes unpleasant emotions.

The gym can be a fabulous place that has the power to change your life, make you fitter, healthier and most importantly happier!

Here’s 10 Ways to get over the ‘Intimidation Factor’ of going into the gym…

1) No One Cares

Seriously! blunt but true. It’s so easy to think that the spotlights on you when you enter the gym. Now unless your walking around dressed as Mr Blobby (remember him? haha) no one’s really that bothered. People are more focused on themselves than you.

2) Everyone Starts Somewhere

Every gym goer is on a personal journey, all at different stages. There will be those who’ve trained for 10 years and those who’ve just started.

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

Take the first step and give yourself a pat on the back. Then keep going – trust me it will be worth it.

3) Team Up 

Look for people similar to you, those just starting out, those with a similar fitness level. There are plenty of people just like you, wanting to achieve the same goals. Being part of a positive community is a powerful thing that can provide support and propel you forward. You could join a gym class, join with a friend, partner, or family member. Team up with those on the same mission!

4) Put Things Into Perspective

A recent estimate postulates that 1.8 people die every second (1). 6 people just died in the world as you read this sentence. Someone just lost their daughter, son, mother, father. There are people living in poverty, who have to walk for miles and miles to fetch water for their families and your worried about going to the gym? First World problems much? The gym can be a scary place but things could be much worse. Put things into perspective.

5) And…… Breathe!

If you suffer with anxiety, and get nervous focus on your breathing. When we worry, and get stressed our bodies tense up and our breathing freezes, which exacerbates our anxiousness. Focus on taking slow deep breaths, try this exercise:

  1. inhale for 3 seconds
  2. hold your breath for 3s
  3. exhale for 3s

Repeat this 5-10 times and see how much better you feel.

6) It’s never as bad as it seems

How many times have you been worked up about something, to then having done it…realised…actually that wasn’t so bad after all! I see it all the time, when I take on new clients more often than not people are on the nervous side: trying to anticipate what will happen, am I fit enough? can I do it? will I be judged?

When you do anything new you take yourself out of comfort zone, your mind is scared, projecting worrisome and unusual emotions – your body reacts as if your going into battle (fight or flight), an abyss with an unknown outcome. But then you soon realise everything’s actually ok…. it was all in your head!

7) what’s the worst that can happen? 

Think of the worst case scenario, can you deal with it? I’m sure you can. So someone laughs at you or gives you a funny look… it may hurt but you’ll get over it.

I know everyone reading this post has already had to overcome much worse. I know for a fact your a strong individual, and I take my hat of to you – you want to improve your current situation, otherwise you wouldn’t be investing your valuable time reading this post.

8) Were all in this Struggle Together

Appearances can be deceiving. You may see a fit looking guy or lady, looks great, appears confident on the outside but in reality they are struggling on the inside, insecure, or weak in other areas: emotionally, intellect, finance, relationships, etc. Don’t judge a book by its cover, every single person on Earth is going through some sort of struggle. Were all in this together.

9) Focus on your ‘Why’…

Why are you going to the gym? The deeper you go the better. It’s not just to look and feel better… it’s because you want more confidence: which makes you feel more content on the beach, or at work, or around people, which intern makes you more social – go to more parties, meet new friends, a future partner, have a happier life!

Here’s a simple exercise to get to the bottom of your ‘Why’. All you have to do is ask why 5 times!

Goal = I want to get fit!

  1. Why? So I can live longer!
  2. Why? So I can explore the world and spend more time with my kids.
  3. Why? Because I love them more than anything in the world and want to be a good role model!
  4. Why? Because it’s important to lead by example. I want to leave a legacy – so they can pass it down to their own children.
  5. Why? Because if I don’t I have failed as a father.

You follow? of course this differs from person to person but getting to the deep underlying reasons for why you want to change will motivate you to go to the gym, get up and make good sh*t happen even when you don’t feel like it.

10) Your frickin awesome 

Let me tell you this… ‘You are ‘frickin’ awesome!’. You’ve just spent 10 minutes or so reading this post, trying to better your knowledge and look for ways to overcome challenges you face.

There’s only one you in this world, you have a unique combination of genes, skills, and talents and the world needs people like you. I respect you for wanting to be a better version of yourself, your a winner, start to believe it.

Now go and make some good sh*t happen!

👱💪 Nick

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