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How To Get Prepared For An Awesome Workout….

How To Get Prepared For An Awesome Workout

If you look at elite athletes most of them have pre match rituals, for example Andy Murray likes to sit in the locker room before a tennis match and listen to some powerful music, whilst he visualises making perfect shots and beating his opponent.

There’s a lot to be said for this mentality, it’s important to get prepared, especially when going to the gym. If you get the prep right you’ll be far more likely to have a great workout and therefore get faster/better results. 

In this post we’re going to cover everything in relation to workout prep, from the clothes you should wear, to the food you should eat, the warm up, music, mind set, and supplements….

How To Get Fully Prepared For An Awesome Workout….

#1 Clothing 

You’ve got to look and feel comfortable in the gym. I recommend wearing clothing that allows the skin to breathe but at the same time suits your style. Mainstream brands like Nike and Adidas are always a good choice, but I also recommend opting for brands which specialise in gym wear, brands like Gym Shark, and Gym King are all great to buy from. If you’re looking for good deals then places like Sports Direct have some great affordable gym clothing. 

#2 Food

Before working out it’s important to consume some food to give you energy. I’d recommend eating 2 hours before you workout, and something which is easy to digest. With my LEP clients I often recommend a good whey protein shake and a portion of fruit, something like a banana. This type of meal contains a perfect blend of protein and carbs. The protein is important for muscles and the carbs are important for energy – so that you can train hard. 

#3 Warm Up

For most people 5-10 minutes warm up is plenty. I would recommend using a cardio machine to warm up, something like a cross trainer or rowing machine are excellent choices because they work multiple muscles groups and get blood flowing all around the body. You could also do some foam rolling and stretching before hitting your main session. 

#4 Music

Powerful music will help you push for those extra reps – Those last few reps when you’re mind is telling you to put the weights down! Those last reps are where the results are and you need to push past this temporary discomfort. Although music is a personal choice, I would recommend picking high tempo music, stuff like Drum and Base, and House musics are always great for working out too. 

#5 Mindset

During the warm up i.e. when you’re on a cardio machine preparing the body for intense training I always recommend having a ‘pep talk’ with yourself. Focus on the workout ahead and what you want to achieve. Focus on WHY you are in the gym and the end goal that you’re looking to achieve. 

#6 Supplements 

A good pre workout supplement will take your performance to the next level. The best pre workout is Tectanic Red by the Protein Factory. This is a stimulant free pre-workout with no caffeine . It gives you a great pump when lifting weights and boost stamina without any of the garbage in it like other pre workout supplements.