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How to Get the Perfect Combination of Exercise & Diet

How to Get the Perfect Combination of Exercise & Diet

The perfect combination of exercise and diet isn’t a goal exclusive to professional athletes; everyone is looking for the ideal solution.

Apart from losing weight and building muscle, eating healthy will also help you fight against different diseases, including cancer. But then why is it so difficult to find the combination that’s right for us?

Everyone has their own needs, and the result is often a unique combination of proper training and a balanced diet.

Decide on a Goal

We eat when we’re hungry, and that’s simple enough. However, when we have a specific goal such as weight loss or muscle gain in mind, the rules change quite a bit. Our daily meal schedule will dictate whether or not we have enough energy to exercise, and if we will burn fat or build it up.

For example, I want to lose weight so I’m going to cut some of my calorie intake. Instead of the daily 2,200, I’m going to eat up to 1,800. I can reach my 400 calorie deficit in 2 ways: eating less or working out more. The ideal solution that we’re after is the combination of the two. While eating less 200 calories less, for example, that leaves 200 for me to burn. This is a much more balanced solution than not eating or overworking myself in the gym.


Whether you’re a regular at the local gym or you prefer at-home exercise, what’s important is that you don’t waste the time you’ve dedicated to working out. The best time to train is about three hours after a meal because you’ve digested most of what you’ve eaten. As for the exercises, again, it depends on your goals. Experienced athletes have their usual regime, and know which muscle groups they’re targeting. If the goal is just to keep in shape, there is a ton of exercises you can do anywhere.

Another tip is to take your workout session outdoors whenever possible. This may be an issue for people living in rainy areas, but for those of us in warm climates – it’s a godsend. Australia, for instance, with its stable climate and beautiful landscape, even seems to invite you to take a jog in the evening.

Know Your Meals

After you spend some time researching carbohydrates, protein, and different nutrients, you can create your own daily menu instead of paying a personal trainer to do so. Also, beware of the different myths regarding food. For instance, the “low carb” approach to dieting. Don’t blame yourself if carbs are what crosses your mind the instant you think about dieting, as we’ve been influenced to believe that low carb is the same as low fat.

If we look at the statistics, the global obesity problem is growing regardless of the protein shakes, bars, and whatever else is thrown into the food market. This is because no single nutrient is going to keep your body sated and healthy. A proper balance and a combination that’s ideal for you is what you’re looking for.

And understandably, staying away from cuisine is sometimes a challenge. Apart from being beautiful, Australia is home to a unique blend of dishes from across the world, thanks to the tourists and numerous immigrations. You don’t need to refrain from eating tasty food, as long as you keep yourself from overeating.

Food Recall

If you don’t feel like planning your meals ahead of time, simply keep track of what you’ve already eaten. Jot down all of the meals, snacks, and drinks you need during a normal workday, and cut down from there. Take out what you don’t need, and add in fruit, eggs, or whatever it may be that you’re missing. 

In some cases, however, it’s hard to determine the exact calorie count of a cooked meal. If you’re serious about your goals, this could be an issue. However, if you’re in the area, be sure to try some of the popular weight loss meals in Sydney. These dishes are especially useful if you don’t have enough time to dedicate to the kitchen. After you’ve tried them, though, you’ll have a starting point for creating your at-home menu, as well!

Fasted Cardio

You may have heard of this type of training. Fasted cardio is, essentially, when you work out on an empty stomach. Should you do it? On one hand, research shows that people who take part in fasted cardio burned more fat and reduced their overall calorie intake over time. On the other, your training session could last noticeably less because you have no energy to push through. Everyone has their preference, but there’s no apparent benefit to fasted cardio that marks it as a must.

Everyone has their own goal regarding the ideal body, and the only way to achieve that goal is through the perfect combination of exercise and diet. While there is no general plan that everyone can stick to, there are a few things that you should pay attention to. For instance, if you’re suddenly cutting your calorie intake, you’re doing more harm than good. Once you begin planning and making your own meals, you’ll get the hang of what your body needs to be at its best.